Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Here is my nail of the day, I got this sally hansen polish from T J hughes a while ago for £1.99 when my nails were looking bad and I wanted to paint them in work but never got round to it. It is Hard as wraps in Mauve creme. The bottle says it contains acrylic gel and nylon to help them last longer! Im not sure Im too keen on the colour, its a bit plain and quite a dull pink but it seems a good quality!

I also got a few bits from elf when my sister recently placed an order, I got 3 things from the normal range for £1.50 each. I got the foundation brush, I havent used this yet but it seems good enough, its soft and I am looking forward to using it tomorrow!
I also the 2 nail polishs, 1 which is a new one to the website called chocolate, which I must say doesnt look much like the swatch in the bottle, Its a really dark brown and I am interested to see how it looks when I use it. The second is in Light pink, which looks really pretty, I love the bottles too from elf with the detail of the polish spilling over the sides, its cute.

This is the chocolate nail polish, I was hoping it might be a similar cheaper alternative to the nails inc jermyn street I have been using recently but unfortunatly its nothing like it, its alot more of a rich dark brown :(

On another note, I tried doing a french braid in my hair today, I have had this done by a fried before but this was my first attempt and it took me loads of tries to get it even resembling a plait, and this is the finished attempt below, has anyone got any tips on how to do this better as I really like how it looks when done properly. I had to use lotsa clips cos my fringe was poking out, when my friend did it this didnt happen so not sure how to sort this out either?

Also, sorry it looks greasy, havent been anywhere today and I was just trying to do it at home.
Any ideas would be great!


clemmie said...

love the hair!

Phoebe said...

I think if you plait it tighter maybe? Like pull each time yo add a new piece - but i can't see any sticky out bits! :)

Cat@catslittleobsessions said...

i have never ever ever been able to do french plaits :( ever!! haha xx

hannahbabeyxo said...

Your hair is gorgeous!!! xxxx

Caz said...

I was thinking of getting the ELF Chocolate but im not so sure ...
I want to get a few of the Studio Brushes too, great post :)
I have a code on my blog for £1 shipping if you're interested x

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love your hair like that. I'm so jealous, I just can't do it at all!