Thursday, 3 September 2009

Im back with wedding photos!

Hiya everyone, so firstly I want to say sorry for this being my first post in 2 weeks! I have been going through a horrible time having split up with my boyfriend who I was with for 3 years and I havent felt up to doing anything! So my first post is about my older sisters wedding which I was a bridesmaid at on saturday 29th august! It was such a lovely day and here are alot of photos from the day: (click on them to see them in alot better quality, not sure why they are looking crappy on here)

This is me on the right, my younger sister in the middle and my sisters kids before the ceremony started,

And again with my grandma

This is my sister and her husband after the ceremony when they signed the register

The bride outside the church :)

Me, my mum and my sister

My sister and her husband again

Me and my sister at the reception, I was pretty drunk by this point..

The married couples first dance which was the cutest thing ever

And me and a friend..

Here is the make up which I used on the day!

I used:

  • Loreal studio secrets smoothing resurfacing primer

  • Collection 2000 sheer moist foundation in sheer porcelain

  • E.l.f under eye concealer and highlighter

  • Collection 2000 volume sensation in waterproof (amazing)

  • Natural collection eye shadows in Butterscotch and Willow

  • Natural collection blush in Pink cloud

  • Sleek storm palette

  • Mac eye kohl in teddy

  • 17 bronzing powder in light

  • E.l.f powder brush

  • Elizabeth arden kabuki brush

  • Maybelline color sensational in 11 Ambre rose

  • 17 High gloss nail polish in Raspberry mocha

That seems alot now that I have written it out in a list lol.

I am loving collection 2000 so much at the moment, its so cheap but works so well, the sheer moist foundation is amazing for me as it just feels so smooth and covers my eczema where as other brands just seem to stick to it, and the volume sensation mascara is amazing too, just as good as the false lash effect I usually use, I have since bought this in the normal non waterproof version too!

Hope this wasnt to photo heavy and boring :)


tackyblueeyeshadow said...

(((Becky))) Sorry about your split with your boyfriend. Keep your chin up love - it will get better.

You look stunning in your pictures! :) xxx

Rosie said...

You look lovely in the photos, (and not that drunk in the drunk one)!!

Blogspot Beauty said...

Your photos are great - hope you had a lovely day.

Sorry to hear about your bf - it gets easier with time. xx

clemmie said...

you look gorgeous and hope you feel better soon :) xx

hannahbabeyxo said...

Aww im really sorry! I hope you feel better you looked gorgeous at your sisters wedding!! xxxxx

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

It will get easier with time hon, I know everyone says that and you won't believe it..but you will eventually. You look gorgeous, congrats to your sister xxxq

Louise said...

Her dress looks amazing! & so do you :)
& I'm sorry to hear about what happened, hope your feeling better.

I'm using Collection 2000's Volume Sensation atm too. I also love Collection 2000, probably my favourite brand. :)

amalass said...

You look absolutely lovely. I adore natural collection cosmetics, I've just recently discovered how great they are, haven't tried the blushes though that's next on my list!
Sorry to hear about your recent split, I also just got out of a 3 year relationship, it's very strange and difficult.

Doma-Nikki said...

Awww some nice photos there chick!!!

I know how you feel about the bf situation, i recently went thru it myself but atm we'r trying to work it out! It is a horrible feeling, but it will get better in time! :o)