Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mini haul

I finally got a Ped-egg, £9.99 from Wilkinsons, Ive been wanting one for ages but thought they were abit pricey, but then they got a pink one and I just had to buy it, I was abit apprehensive at first but I think its great and my feet definately feel smoother even after only using it about 3 times! Plus its pink :)

I also got this Clinique set from Boots, I think it was around £26, so its really just paying for the Dramitically different moisturising lotion and getting a trial size of the clarifying lotion and face wash free, I have been using this every day since and Im nearly out of the trial ones but I think they work really well, my face has cleared up and my skin feels alot softer and alot less dry. Im planning on getting the full size version of the Clarifying lotion next week which is £13.70 according to the Clinique website.

Lastly, is the Boots expert Total body anti-cellulite cream. I LOVE this, been using it for weeks now and I have definatly seen a difference, Im even on to my second bottle now! definately worth the £6 or so that it costs!

Primark nail varnish / False nails

I used this primark £1 nail varnish for the first time the other day and I think the colour is gorgeous and It lasted well, I took it off after 2 days but it lasted well for such a cheap product, I would recommend this!

After taking off the acrylic nails, my nails are abit of a mess so I got some press on false nails for £2.99 from Wilkinsons and this was the result, they were really good, They were still on after 5 days but then I pulled them off cos I got bored but really good for the price, I would definately buy these again.

Holiday bits!

So Ive been meaning to do a post for the past week or so but things kept happening and I had no time, such as the boyfriend losing his job :( and me being stuck at mine.

Anyway, I finally got a suitcase, Its a lovely pink one, and Im very sad cos Iv already packed it, even though Im going no where until july. This is the end result, still got lots to fit in yet too...

I also got the below toiletries bag from T K maxx which I love, such a nice pattern, It has zipped compartments inside so I can fit all of my bits and pieces in it, Iv packed that too :)

Next was a trip to Primark, I was good and only bought 2 things for once, this dress for £5 which is gorgeous on, really flattering and light for summer.

And these sandels which were £13, they were also avaliable in brown and black, I have been back since and there was one pair on the shelf so I think these have been very popular, I think they will be great for summer and I also think they look alot better on.

Whilst in T K Maxx I found this red case full of Korres sun care products for £7.99, I have since seen this on the website for £17.50! It has spf 30 facial suncream, which smells like watermelons, a watermelon body scrub and a yogurt cooling gel, with real natural yogurt in it for after being in the sun. Bargain. Taking this away with me to Greece! T K maxx seems to have some good stuff in at the moment.

Monday, 25 May 2009

In and Outs

Have just finshed working all day and can finally relax abit with the day off tommorow so I thought I;'d do an in and out list for what I feel at the moment :)


  • Double pay for working sunday and bank holiday monday! kinda makes it worthwhile.
  • My Blackberry! I love it, trully converted.
  • The Boots expert total body anti- cellulite cream. This is definatly having some effect, my mum even told me my thighs look slimmer, have been using it twice a day for the last 2 weeks or so, need to buy another tomorrow as Iv nearly used it up!
  • Still loving the Palmers fake tan!
  • Simple intense moisturising cream! amazing, Im not itchy at all and have not had an eczema flaring up whilst using it!
  • My elizabeth arden mineral powder! used this alot then went off it for a while but now I love it again, using it every day at the moment.


  • The fact that Monarch airlines are doing a ballot to go on strike in july! My flight to Greece in July is with them :(
  • Having no money! credit cards being used a bit too much at the moment.
  • Working when the weathers nice like it was yesterday! I didnt get too see any sun.
  • Weak nails! Finally prised the acrylics off a few days ago and my nails have died!
  • Having no room for anything! I need to get some storage for stuff.
  • Facebook - I seem to spend my life checking facebook and I actually find it really annoying now.

Thats about it for now! Planning to do quite a few blogs and reviews tomorrow though on ym day off :)

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Primarks new make up range!

primark has a whole new beauty range in! I went in today and the place was heaving but I still got some bits :) It seemed to beover 4 different ranges, there was the ordinary £1 range in new packaging, a glam one, a spa one and one tht had lotsa expenisve looking packaging and cool things like false lash effect mascars.

this is an eyebrow kit, it has 2 shades of brown, ones a powder and the darker ones more of a cream and it comes with 2 little brushes, this was £1.

This nail varnish was also £1, it doesnt have a name but its a corally colour, great for summer and quite similar to the Rimmel one I bought the other day.

This is great, it was £2.50 and is very similar to the Benefit one, the pic below is the box it comes in and its called 'The happy couple' duo bronzer and blusher! comes with the little brush aswell!

Next is this blusher brush which was £1.50, it really soft but I dont think its as sturdy as I like.

This is a massaging soap, which was £1.50, thought this would be worth a try for smooth legs before the summer.

These clips were £1, I know they arent make up but I thought they were really cute :)

This bronzer brush was £1.

This body spray is from the spa range and it smells gorgeous but the smell didnt last for long, I think it was £2.

This is a wash off bronzer, its really golden and shimmery and I plan to use it when I go on holiday, this was also £2.

I got the cutest beach towel in there aswell, it was £4.40, and is covered in lollies! matches my jelly sandels I got last week.

I popped into superdrug aswell and got the Gosh salt water spray, it was buy any 2 gosh professional products for £5.99 so I got the damage control shampoo aswell, which saved me about £3.50, I havent tried either yet but Iv read lotsa good reviews about the sea salt spray so wish me look with it.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Nivea tinted moisturiser

I got this last week from Boots and I already completely love it! Its not too dark and I have been wearing it the last few days and I dont feel the need to wear much else, not even concealer, all i have been using additionally on my skin is blusher! for under £6 I would recommend it too you all!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Bits and pieces

Yesterday I did abit of shopping, I got this gorgeous rimmel nail varnish in goldmine coral, the photos dont really do it much justice with or without the flash, this was £2.25 from wilkinsons and I think it will be perfect for the summer and my holiday, cant wait to try it when these acrylic nails decide to come off!

I also got this olay face tanner free with cosmopolitan, which looks good, might try this tonight.

I gave in yesterday and got a new phone, I have said in older blogs I wanted a blackberry so I finally got one, it was very expensive but I see it as my treat for getting through my exams! I got the Blackberry bold 9000, its reallly good so far, the cameras not much cop as its only 2mp compared to the 5mp one on my nokia but I have a good digital camera so it doesnt bother me 2 much! This is the back which has a leather effect..

And this is the front, I love the look of Blackberry's and I think I might already be converted after just a day :)

I also picked this box up in Morrisons when doing the food shopping, it was about £3.99 and Iv got it to shove all my creams and bits in as at the moment they are all just thrown around my room as I have no storage space!

I also got this from Boots in my last haul blog I said I had got a packet of this face mask, and I used it that night and thought it was really good and didnt bother my eczema and left my skin feeling really fresh so I got this which was just under £3 so I can keep on using it.

Lastly I went back into and got yet more of the eye shadow palletes while they are still there as I think they are amazing for £1.29 each and I love the colour sets. I also got the lipgloss for 99p which is amazing, smells gorgeous and is the perfect corally colour with just the right amount of shimmer and the blusher which again was 99p which is the perfect shade for me, going to go stock up again this week :)

Loreal Telescopic explosion mascara

So I used the Loreal Telescopic explosion mascara in black today for the first time, It has a cool little round brush which I found really easy to use.

This is a pic of the brush..

I really think it works well, Im good at ending up with mascara all over my face after applying it which can be annoying but with this one I didnt get any anywhere other than on my lashes, It worked just as well as my max factor false lash effect and I think im definatly going to keep using it. Its on offer cheap at superdrug at the moment as the introductory price so pick it up soon!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mini haul

I went shopping today after work today to treat myself abit after finishing my exams, I got this gosh bronzer from Superdrug for about £13, its called the giant sun powder and its really nice and golden. The pics are shut and open.

These sprays are really fruity and 88p buy 1 get 1 free, just thought they would be nice and cheap to take on holiday, these are from superdrug aswell.

I got this face mask from boots,im sturggling to sort out the eczema tht came up the other day, doesnt seem 2 be calming down at all so I thought this might be soothing and will get rid of the spots I got stressing about my exams and it was about 98p.

I got this after seeing it on pheobe's finds blog, was £5.86 from boots, its quite dark but im gonna give it a try when my face clears up as at the moment all of my make up is just clinging to my dry skin and being patchy :(.

Whilst in superdrug I picked up my fave mascare the max factor false lash effect in black waterprrof to take on holiday, got it now while its still on offer.

This is a simple derma intensive relief lotion which was £2.99 in boots after having 1/3 off, it says its great for eczema sufferers and itscheap so worth a try, this is a big 400ml bottle, hope its good.

I love my vasaline lip pots so I got this one from boots for myholiday as it has spf 15, it was £1.69, I payed for all my boots things with points though as I had about £15 pounds worth.

I have seen this next Loreal mascara on alot of blogs so I grabbed it at the check outs in superdrug as it was only about £5.50 or something, but have got home and realised its in brown as I didnt think to check at the checkout, just grabbed it so going to take it back and try and change it for a black one tomorrow.

I went into Wilkinsons and got some sudacrem for my spots, had to replace my other pot as my mum took it and used it on my nephews bum :/

Lastly, I got some sun cream from wilkos aswell, a 400ml sun cream in spf 30 which was £4.99, I got 2 of these ready for my holidays and got 2 free 200ml bottles of aftersun, I used these sun creams last year and they work just as well as the more expensive makes and I would really recommend you check them out, theres all spfs and you can get spray bottles too.