Monday, 29 June 2009

New fake tan and earrings

So last night I tried out 2 new fake tans I got last week from T K Maxx, the face one on the left is the Clarins liquid bronze self tanning, I got this as I already had it in the intense and it gave a good colour but it was just too dark for me so when I saw this for £9.99 I had to have it, I applied it last night with cotton wool pads and its just a nice creamy liquid where as the intense one is a dark brown watery liquid. This morning I looked like I had a natural, healthy tan, even my mum who loves to comment on my orangeness told me how well it had worked!

The 2nd on the right is the Eau Thermale Avene moisturizing self tanning lotion which is in natural glow for sensitive skin, it says this is for face and body but I only used it on my body, This morning I had a few patchy bits but thats cos I rushed it last night but apart from that it seems really good, lovely colour on me and it didnt cause any reaction which most other fake tans do with me due to eczema and very sensitive skin.

This one cose £7.99 but also came with an aftersun which is pictured below, Im going to take this away with me as its for sensitive skin and Im hoping it will work better than the wilkinsons one I got free with my sun cream!

I also have to show these these amazing earrings (excuse the crappy photo, I ordered my memory card yesterday finally so good photos soon), these were £5 frm accessorize, I had seen these on a few blogs and had to have them, they are so pretty and I have been wearing them every day since I got them! they are my official new favourite earrings!!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

make up and shoes !

Just a quick one to let you know about some things I bought yesterday, firstly I got these 2 natural collection lipsticks from boots, they are both the moisture shine ones, on the left is coral shimmer and the right is rose petal.
The first is a gorgeous mid dark pink with a shimmer but I love it and its totally wearable, I wanted one that would give me some colout without being too obvious and this is perfect and was under £2. The rose petal is a really pretty pink, when I first tried it though it broke apart, I think it had got too hot in my shopping bag so now its a bit bent :/

The top photo is with the flash and below is without.

I also got another 17 nail polish, I am in love with the tropical island one I did a post about as a nail of the day, I am still wearing it now and everyone says they love it, this is a limited edition one from the new summer collection and its called coral reef, I havent used it yet but its abit more pink and darker than the other, looking forward to using it though and will post a photo in the next few days when I have.

Lastly, some shoes, these were half price down from £18 to £9 at peacocks, I think they are so nice! they are like a snake sin effect and a bluey purple colour, they also had them in tan and pink too!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

20 questions tag

I saw this open tag on all things girly so here goes:

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without
My phone, my purse and some chewing gum, I feel lost if I forget my phone!

2.Favourite brand of makeup
Erm I like Elizabeth arden as the stuff generally works on my skin, but also cheaper makes like 17 and barry m are great too!

3.Favourite flower

4. Favourite clothing store
I dont want to sound cheap but I love Primark, I go there all the time, i always find what I want there so I dont feel the need to spend loads somewhere else, I also like dorothy perkins, new look and places like that.

5. Favourite Purfume
Lacoste - Touch of sun

6.Heels or Flats
Id have to say flats as I wear them most, I do like wearing heels but I dont tend to go out much so its not very often I wear them, although I still buy them all the time as I cant resist, need to get wearing them!

7. Do you make good grades
Erm yeah, but I know I could do better but Im lazy :( I lose interest quickly, but I will be so pleased when I graduate next year, I hate exams they make me feel ill!

8. Favourite colours
Pink usually but I love coral at the moment!

9.Do you drink energy drinks
nope, sometimes when Im knackered at work a can of red bull seems a good idea but then when iv drank it I just feel sick and its never worth it lol.

10.Do you drink juice
sometimes, I have a bit of obsession with robinsons blackcurrent at the moment, Im always drinking it at home.

11. Do you like swimming
Yes but Im pretty rubbish, last year in Greece I was flailing around thinking I was going to drown while my bf laughed at me, I dont know what happened cos as a kid I did lessons and got all my certificates and stuff so I dont get why I cant swim now as I always went reguallrly till i was a teenager.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork
Nope, use my fingers usually

13. Favourite moisturiser
Im using the clinique dramatically different lotion right now and I love it, really moisturises my face and I never have a reaction to it, Its expensive but totally worth it cos the bottles a big one too.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
Yep. my sisters busy planning to get married at the end of august and its really making me want a wedding!

15. Do you get mad easily
Depends on the situation, I tend to get annoyed easily at my bf but he usually deserves it!

16. Are you into ghost hunting
Ive never done it but Iv always been interested and Id love to do it if I got the chance although I scare reallly esaily and would be terrified if I saw something!

17. Any phobias
Spiders scare me to death! I also dont really like dogs, I think I could manage a small one but my gran has a huge labrador and I hate it even coming near me! Its a soft stupid thing but its always jumping up :/

18.Do you bite your nails
Not really, I used to really badly but then I stopped a few years back, now I only tend to do it when im nervous or stressed.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience

20. Do you drink coffee
Not really, if Im on an early shift at work sometimes if im really tired I will make a coffee before I go but I never really enjoy it.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

sorry for the big amount of posts today! my laptops completely broke so have been waiting to get the use of a computer for the last few days to do them so theyv all come at once!

Shoes and a bit of shopping!

Hey everyone, so a few days ago I went into Manchester to do some shopping ready for my hols as Im working pretty much every day now untill I go away on the 8th. Firstly I want to show you the shoes I got as I love them both, These first ones are from Primark and were £9, they are the most gorgeous colour, the photo doesnt really show it 2 well but its a corally orange, I love this colour at the moment! the heels not too big and they feel comfy so Im pleased I got these as I had seen them on a blog before and thought they looked nice.

Second pair are these brown wedges from Faith, these were £35 down from about £65, I love them!

Also in primark, I got this black heart shaped bag for £4 to take away as its not too big to carry around, a tiny purse just to keep some money in for about £1.50 i think, again in a corally colour, and a smaller make up bag as mine is huge and would take up half my suitcase, I am going to go through it all and pick out the most important stuff and take it all in this smaller bag, this was about £3.

I got this peachy blush from Primark for £1, I wore this the last few days and its a really nice colour and good quality for primark too, there was a few different shades so Im going to get the others next time I go too! The eye shadows were about £2.50 from H & M, they are really shimmery and pigminted so looking forward to playing around with these!

I also got this little bow necklace from H & M, it was cheap about £1.99, and the clasp at the back has another small gold bow coming off it, I love it, wore it the other day and got loads of compliments about it!

Next up is the garnier body tonic firming lotion, I have been using the boots expert cellulite cream but after going through 2 lots I decided to use up all the other stuff I had such as the nivea goodbye cellulite before I spent any more money. that ran out last night and then I saw this in morrisons for just over £2.50 and remembered I had read about it being really good in a magazine the other day so I got this, Im not too keen on the smell but hopefully it will do the job.

Finally back to Primark, I got these little bottles and pots for 99p! Im going to put my cleanser and stuff in them to save space as I already cant shut my suitcase and Its not even packed fully! cant believe how cheap they were as later in boots I saw them selling one of the bottles for £1.49 on its own! It also comes with stickers to label your stuff which I thinks a good idea!

Lastly I got another wash off tan from Primark, £1.50 from what I can remember, they had a matte one and a shimmer one, I got the matt one and this is it below on my hand, It rubs in well and does leave a nice bronzed colour, but I dont think the tube would go far if using it on the whole body so I might go back and get some more before I go.

So primarks got loads of nice stuff in, also got some lovely summer dresses and a few other bits, let me know if you would like to see a post with a few photos of them!
Thanks for reading x


This gorgeous colour is from 17 at boots, it is a lasting fix nail polish in a limited edition coulour called Tropical island. I love it, its a corally orange colour and it went on really well and has lasted really well too, This came in a free gift bag avaliable when you buy 2 17 products, I got another vail polish in the shade pink lemonade, I havent used this yet but its a lovely colour, and I got the instant glow bronzing powder in light as all my bronzers seem too dark for my face at the moment so I felt I needed something lighter. Its a matte shade and so far so good. This was about £3 and the nail polish was also about £2.80.

This is the free gift, a small pink bag, a small 17 mirror and nail file, the tropical island nail polish and a metallic eye pencil, the colour says green but its blue so I dont know why it says that, its gorgeous and metallic, I used it yesterday just as a pop of colour and I really like it.

Sorry the photos crap, still havent got round to getting a memory card for my camera.

barry m free gift with more

I buy more every week on a tuesday and have been considering getting a subscription for a while but then this week they were offering £42 worth of barry m make up as a free gift, it is £14.50 every 3 months but I would pay more than that anyway, Im really excited cos the stuff all looks good and I had been planning on buying a few of the bits like the bronzer and the mascara anyway. Just letting anyone who reads more alot know about the offer !!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

contest :)

The lovely Cat is having a give away so check it out here :

Monday, 22 June 2009

Littlewoods bargain!

Just a quick blog to show you this dress I have just ordered from the Littlewoods 70% off sale, this is down from about £45 to £13, really want it for my holiday! theres alot of nice stuff really cheap on the website so check it out!

Mini Haul

I did abit of shopping yesterday and firstly was this blush from Wilkinsons own range Image, it was £1.00, and I dont think the photo does it justice, it is the prettyist pale pink ever, I think it may even be better as a highlighter than a blush as on the skin it really is very pale but I just think its gorgeous. The wilkos range is actually quite good for the price, Ive had a few lipglosses before which were good and the mascara smells really nice, I didnt know mascara could smell nice but apparently so at wilkinsons..

This photo is it close up but the flash pretty much covers it :/
Next I was back in T J Hughes yet again and they had a lot of new stuff in from N.Y.C (New york colour), I picked up this mineral foundation powder for £2.00 which came with a tiny little kabuki brush which isnt much use but its cute :). I got this is the shade natural light and its actually really good, I used it today instead of my Elizabeth Arden powder foundation and I couldnt tell much difference. It also has spf12 in it aswell!
The T J Hughes I went to only had this shade and a paler one which was a finishing powder, I plan to get this next time I go as that was also only £2 so worth a try.

There was also a few N.Y.C nail glosses for £1 each, I got 2, This is 241, and its a gorgeous metallic blue which is proper shimmery in the light, making it change colour, It also has vinyl shine and pro vitamin B5.

This 2nd one is 207, which is a nude pink shade which is lovely, have worn this today and I really like it. They are quite big bottles with a square block lid, and to make it easier to put the gloss on the square lid comes off to reveal a smaller more easy to use lid.

This is 207 on, Im not sure the photo shows it very well, really need to get a memory card for my camera so I can stop using the crappy one on my phone :(

Sally Hansen maximum growth

About a week ago I bought this Sally Hansen maximum growth daily nail growth programme from Wilkinsons as it was half price, down to around £1.99, this is just a clear polish and I got this as my nails keep breaking after being ruined by the acrylics I had on.
The box states that this is powerful protection for short, problem nails to strengthen and make them grow. I have been using this since and my nails havent realy been breaking at all since so it must be having some effect, Im going to carry on using it for a while longer and I will do a post on the outcome soon.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Hi all! Just a quick post 2 say that my laptop died on me a few days ago so I haven't been able to post anything, but I do have a few blogs to post soon as I can, hopefully tonight if I can get hold of a computer.

Just wondered if anyone knew when the website www.beautycounterdirect.con will be open again? It says that it is down 4 maintenance at the moment and I really want to order some things

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

In and Out 3

Here is my latest in and outs:


  • Passing all my exams for year 2 of my law course :)
  • Nicer weather at the moment and having 3 days off work to be in it.
  • Lacoste Touch of sun perfume - I Love this, cant find it in the shops anymore but they had it on the littlewoods website, need to check if they still have it as Im nearly out, its so summery and everyone always says I smell nice when I wear it.
  • 3 weeks untill I go to Greece!
  • Nail varnishes! since I took the acrylics off I have a new found love of painting my nails, have always been too lazy to do this regularly before.
  • Simple derma moisturisor - is keeping my eczema away!!!!
  • Mcdonalds crunchie mcflurry - delicious!


  • Funeral of my boyfriends grandma on thursday :(
  • Alot of work over the next few weeks to get money for my holiday.
  • Being skint!!
  • My hair is really bugging me at the moment, I had my fringe cut at John Peers hair dressers a while ago and the lady cut it way 2 short so I had to pin it back everyday and now even though its grown now I have been put off and have gone back to preferring not having a fringe, so im considering just leaving it to grow out now.


Mini haul for exam passes!

Today was the results day at my uni, so had to be in Huddersfield at12pm to get them and I passed them all,so thats my 2nd year out of the way! just 1 to go!!

To say well done my mum bought me these 2 things from Lancome in the House of Fraser as they had a sale section,

The first being this bronzing brush which was reduced from £21.50 to £10.75, it has a really big handle but the bristles are really soft and good quality so I like it :)

And then a tinted moisturisor, it is called Aqua fusion teinte, continuously infusing tinted moisture spf 15, in the shade 1 - Naturel. Its the perfect shade for me as its quite light and works with my pale skin, looking forward to using this tomorrow. This was £23.50 down to £11.75 so a big drop in price! there was alot more stuff such as lipglosses and a few bronzers and eye shadow pallettes too so worth a look if you pass the house of fraser, too faced and a guerlain had alot of sale items too.

This is a bit of the tinted moisturisor on ym hand, not sure you can see it properly though cos of the flash.

I also popped into primark and they had a stand of the old make up all reduced to 50p so I got this duo eye shadow, the top is a gorgeous light goldy shimmery brown and the bottom is a lovely shimmery pale pink,

This is the brown (left) and pink (right) on my hand, definatly worth parting with 50p as the colours are soo nice.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Nail of the day

Here is my first attempt at a nail of the day. This is an orange polish I got from New Looks make up range Star Gazer, its in shade 103, Below are photos with and without a flash but my phone cameras pretty rubbish so you cant see the full colour on either but I think the top one gives the best idea of how it really looks, Its a lovely colour, great for summer, I have put on 3 coats yet I can still see the whites on a few of my nails which can be annoying but this noly cost about £3 so Im not too bothered.

This polish went on well and it seems good quality, I will let you know on a later post how well it lasts.

Commenting problem

Hey all, The lovely Doma Nikka at has informed me that my blog wasnt allowing comments, but im pretty sure I have sorted it out now and they should work now, so just doing this post to let anyone else who may have had a problem commenting that it should be fine now

Saturday, 13 June 2009

A few freebies and skin care products.

I read a blog a while back about a website offering freebies called, so I checked it out and signed up, I had to pay £1 over a txt message to register my order and it says you recieve a goodie box with your choice of 3 trial products a month, my box arrived yesterday and I was expecting bigger products as on the website it shows them bigger but what I recieved are more like the testers you find stuck in magazines. Anyway, they came in this pink box below:

I recieved, 1) The Mary Kay timewise microdermabration set, which says it will fight fine lines, refine pores and smooth skin, there are 3 sachets of step 1 which is to refine and 3 ofstep 2 which is to replenish so Im going to give that a try tonight.

2) Mary Kay Creme lipstick in Apricot glaze, this is the little black packet, there are 2 tiny samples of it, I havent opened them yet as I dont want to waste it as there really not much but the colour on the front looks nice. The letter I got with the package described this as ripe apricot glides on with a kiss of soft shimmer!

3) finally there is a sachet of John Frieda weather works style sealant creme, to defy weather 365 days a year. Will have to take this on holiday with me incase my hair goes frizzy in the sun.

For £1 I think this could be fun, you can get different prodcts every month and you recieve a notification when you can replace your order, so check it out if you want some trials.

Below is some new skin care products I have picked up recently, on the left is the boots botanicals eye make up removal, this is sooo good, take my eye makeup off so easily, before I was using the simple make up remover and that took a lot longer with cottom pads, now I only have to use 1 per eye, This was only about £3 so Im going to stock up and take some away to remove waterproof mascara easily.

In the middle is the Clean & Clear deep action cream wash, this was also around £3 from Wilkinsons, I got this as in the last few weeks my nose broke out in spots, my own fault for eating alot of chocolate and sweets over a few days but this really helped clear them up within a few days so Im using it daily at the moment, It has a tingly sensation when you wash it off which I like, makes it feel like its working :)

On the right is the Garnier clean and fresh cleansing wash, again about £3 from wilkinsons, this is lovely, been using it in the mornings recently and it feels really refreshing and nice, and smells lovely and fruity.

I really like all these products and would recommend them all!

Lastly, I saw this Malibu moonlight shimmer wash off bronzer ina magazine and was wondering if anyone else had used it? I want a wash off bronzer to take away with me as I dont tan well and want something I can put on in the evenings, I have tried others such as the Loreal one and found the colour too dark for me and very messy. The best I have found before is the FCUK Tan your hide one but I am nearly out of that and havent seen it in Boots recently. Leave me a comment if you have any idea what the malibu ones like :)

Friday, 12 June 2009

10 things I cant live without!

Here is a list of 10 things I cant live without in my life, thought it would be a good way for my followers to get to know more about me :)

1. My treadmill, I have used it daily for the last 6 months or so and iv noticed a definate difference in my fitness, and I have some new muscles in my legs. It was expensive and it takes up my whole bedroom floor but I couldn't be without it now.

2. My laptop, as without it I couldn't read all your blogs :)

3. My phone, it keeps me in contact and fills in the boredom at work with the internet, I have the blackberry bold now and I love it.

4. My car, I drive a black vauxhall corsa and I love it, had it since october, before tht I had a renault clio but it had a leak from the sun roof which was annoying and even after taking it back 3 times it was still happening so I traded it in for a new corsa, gets me to work, uni and my boyfriends and I'd be lost without a car now.

5. My glasses, over the last few years I seem to have become nearly blind, before tht I had great vision but nw every year my prescription is gettin worse :(

6. Books and magazines, I love reading, I much prefer it to watching tv and I'm always upset when I have nothing around to read.

7. My family and my boyfriend, I'm really close to my mum and my younger sister who's 17, ther both great, and I have been with my boyfriend Nick since october 2006, we practically live together but just spend our nights at either mine or his as we can't afford to get our own place yet.

8. Smints, a bit of a random one but I love them and eat them a bit obsessively.

9. Primark, I LOVE that shop, cant go in without buying something, havent been in a bout 2 weeks as im trying to curb my spending before I go away but I do plan to go this week and Im excited!!

10. Facebook, now this really annoys me but I cant imagine life without it now :/ how sad.

Feel free to do this on your blog so I can learn more about you x

Thursday, 11 June 2009

T J Hughes buys

Just a quick post about yet another few things Ive bought from T J Hughes this week, they have some Elizabeth Arden products in at the moment, theres a really nice little foldable pallete with a blusher and a few eye shadows, a lipgloss and a airbrush bronzer, all around £6 from what I can remember. Anyway, I picked up this Shimmer powder called everything glows which was also £6, its in a really nice little compact with a mirror and a fancy top as in the photo below:

This is a photo of the powder with the flash, not a very good one but you get the idea, its very shimmery but makes a great highlighter. It also came with a little kabuki style brush which I also love, although I have a few elizabeth arden ones already from buying bronzers and they all tend to shred quickly which I am disappointed about when the products are expensive.

This is it on the right without the flash, looks a lot darker than it is, and the brush.
On the left is a lovely blusher I also got from there which is w7, it was £1.50 and comes with a little flat brush which I havent really been bothering with. It looks very dark on the photo but its a really flattering shade for me as its a nice rosey pink colour.

A few nail varnishs

This top one is the Barry M fuschia nail paint which I won thanks to The Yummy mummys giveaway, I love this colour and it lasted quite well, although I tend to chew my nails alot which means that usually within a day its flaking off at the tops which is very annoying but my own fault, but this withstood it for longer than most :)

I finally got round to using the Eyeko pastel polish which I got ages ago from superdrug, I didnt use it for ages as when I bought it I had acrylics on and wanted to wait untill I took them off. I really love the colour and the consistency and Ive used it a few times now and it also lasts well. Although I have noticed that it has a really strong smell, has anyone else noticed this? my mum said it was enough to make her woozy lol. Definatly worth a few quid.
Finally, this one is from T J Hughes, the make is Vivo and it cost me 99p, this is part of the french manicure range they do and this is the nude pink, the photo doesnt show it well but its a really nice nude shade and better quality than I expected from a cheap 99p range product. I am loving the bargains at T J Hughes at the moment, everyone should check it out if they have a store near them :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Little note

Hiya everyone, just a quick blog to let u know im still here, just been alot going on the last week and havent had the chance to blog as have been with my boyfriend alot as his grans been really ill in hospital and just died yesterday so havent got on here much,

got loads to blog about though so expect lots in the next few days :)


Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Recently I won a Barry M giveaway on the lovely yummy mummy's blog - and my prizes arrived today, I won the Barry M nail paints in Mint green and Fuchsia, I love both of them, such nice colours and Holly included some gorgeous Butterfly earrings from Accessorize which I wasnt expecting :), Thankyou so much, It was a lovely thing to recieve this morning.