Monday, 27 April 2009

Birthday bits

It was my birthday yesterday and I got some make up from my mum.

I got this eye shadow box from Front cover, she said she got it from Boots but cant remember the price, but she doesnt think it was too exensive. I used this yesterday and I think its great, the shadows are good quality and I would say they work just as good as any Mac eye shadows that I have. It comes with a liquid that you can use to make any of the eye shadows into liquid eye liners which I think is genius. She also got me a gift set from FCUK which had a lip gloss, body dpray and make up bag in it and this bronzer -

Its really nice and doesnt look orange at all which I love as Im naturally really pale and I find that some bronzers look really orange on my face even when I buy expensive ones.

I also got some acylic nails done, Id wanted some for ages but now they are really annoying me and I cant do anything like send a txt lol.