Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Latest bits

I was in Asda the other day and noticed they had their own make up range, It was 99p an item so I picked up come concealer and a lipstick. The lipsticks a very pale silvery pink, I’m not sure why I chose this as its not something I would actually wear out. The concealer is great though, I usually use the Rimmel cover stick and I think this works just as well if not better, I got the paler shade and Its just right for me as I’m pale and it covers under my eyes really well. concealer on the left, lipstick on the right.

I watched two different youtube videos about this product and thought it looked interesting so yesterday I bought it.
It’s the eyeko Tinted cream, I picked this up from Superdrug for £4.99, you get a lot in the tub and so far I have hardly used any, it works well for highlighting cheekbones, or lack of in my case. I followed Lollipop26’s instructions on how to put this on for this use and I really like it. I think this is really worth the money as it looks like its gonna last for ages. I also got the Eyeko pastel polish which is a really pale blue shade. It looks really nice but I haven’t used it yet as I have these acrylic nails on. (which are really bugging me by the way)

I wrote about the N.Y.C blusher colour wheel I recently bought, just thought I would let you know it has completely broken up after I have only used it about 4 times, I’m disappointed because I liked the colour a lot and I only kept it in my make up bag so it must of broken really easily.

I did pick up another great cheap product thought the other day, a £2 lipstick from a beauty stall, The makes Astor and in shade 100 which is a gorgeous pale pink coral colour and I love it, been wearing it ever since. It smells really nice too and the container says it has a soft sensation and vitamin and collagen which sounds good too me.

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