Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fitness post

This is abit different to my normal post but I have noticed alot of other bloggers have been posting about their plans to shape up for the new year and Cat is having a weight loss challenge over on her blog here! So I thought I would post aswell as having somewhere to put my plans and results will hopefully give me some extra motivation. Cat did suggest videos on progress as well but I am seriously the most shy person ever so i think Im going to stick to blog posts for the time being.

I am currently 5'4 and 8stone 5ish. I know that is not overweight but my weight seems to have been very up and down the last 5 months or so and I would like to stabalise it at a weight Im happy with and get fitter. I had a bad break up in august which saw me drop to about 8 stone 2, then I went back up to about 8 stone 10 as I got back to normal and then about a month ago I had a bad time again and again dropped down to about 8 stone 3. I feel more comfortable when I am these lower weights and would say that it is probably my ideal weight but I put weight on easily and have gone back to eating rubbish again and the weight is coming back on quickly, and it goes straight to my face which I hate and I feel very bloated alot of the time. I seem to be comfort eating at the moment which I can only relate to the fact my grandma has been very ill in hospital for a few months, I am eating a lot of sweets like haribo which is also giving me spots which is unusual for me so i am also going to drink alot more water. I do drink alot of water anyway as I like it and i always feel better when I get into a routine of drinking lots of water daily.

So my plan for shaping up is to cut out the sweets, chocolates and stuff and to stop picking at things in between meals, and also to stop eating so many take aways as I seem to eat them more than I eat at home these days! I will go to the gym more than the once I week I seem to have dropped down too and get back into using my treadmill and wii fit at home as before I went on holiday this year I was using both daily and seeing good results.
I have also been walking home from work quite alot the last few weeks due to the snow making it pretty impossible to drive my car without killing myself. it is about 2 and a half miles and I have found I quite enjoy the walks, its quite calming and I feel good after doing it, so I am going to try and keep this up and walk home from work atleast once or twice a week even after the snow has finally gone.