Tuesday, 4 August 2009

bad day!

I have had a rubbish day and just had to write about it as my boyfriend is being useless and watching football instead!

Firstly work was busy and drove me mad enough as I spent hours having to do jobs which arent mine just because one woman likes to feel like shes alot more important than she is!
Then came home and arranged to go the trafford centre with my older sister to cheer myself up by helping her buy things for her wedding at the end of the month, got up to her house for my niece to point out that my car had a scratch on it, got out and saw not just a scratch but the whole back corner of my car smashed in!!!!!!!! I hadnt noticed as I have hardly driven it since last week and got in my car in a rush to go out but its really bad, my sisters fiance is a mechanic and he reckons it will be hard to fix as its really caved in. Rang my insurance and was told that as I have no details about who did it to claim with and with me being under 21 it will cost me £400 in excess to get fixed! plus id lose my no claims, I think its so unfair that I would have to pay that when in no way was this my fault, it has only been parked outside my house! I already had to pay excess of £150 and lost 2 years no claims in march this year when it was broken into when I was at work so I cant believe its happening again!

Im going to get my brother in law to see what he can do or get some quotes from some garages and see if I can avoid using my insurance as then I know it will jump up loads when I renew it in september after making 2 claims so close together.

So yes a bad day :( never made it to the trafford centre either!

If anyone made it this far, sorry for moaning, just thinks its all really unfair :(


tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Oh Becky ((((hugs)))). That's awful hun. I hope you get things sorted out! x

Becky said...

thanks so much xx

Cat@catslittleobsessions said...

cheer up honey, i know things are bad but they could be worse right?

ive smashed my car so so many times but luckily i dont have to pay for repairs as my dad owns a car repair garage.. i would check with your council to see if there is cctv on your street :)


hannahbabeyxo said...

awww i hope you dont have to pay too much and your car gets back to normal! xoxoxo

Aubrey said...

So sorry that yesterday was "one of those days". Hopefully today will be better, but if not, it's almost Friday.

hazeleyes said...

Aww thats terrible! Hope you manage to get ur car sorted without paying too much!! xXx