Thursday, 13 August 2009

First mini Lush buys :)

I read so many good things about Lush on all your blogs and I have been wanting to go for ages but the nearest store is in Manchester I think and I never make it down there, so when I spotted one in the trafford centre earlier this week I went straight in. I hardly had any money and I think I was abit overcome by the smell but I loved it and walked around amazed at all the things for awhile, but I only got 2 things..

I got a lovely face mask called Oatifix, it has oats and bananas in it and smells like flapjack! This is supposed to be really good for sensitive dry skin and when I mentioned to the sales girl that I had eczema on my face she said it would be great for me so I snapped this up for £4.95, I plan to use it this weekend as at the moment Im doing 7am starts at work and trying to get early nights as I have no energy for anything, Im so pathetic.

I also got a soap called Honey I washed the kids and this smells so nice, I showed it to my boyfriend before and he looked excited as he thought he could eat it, was very dissapointed when he found out it was soap haha, then he sat smelling it for 5 mins. I have heard this is good for dry skin so cant wait to try this out either, my block cost about £3.30.
I am definatly going to go back to Lush when I get some money to spare so has anyone any recommendations about which products are the best?


Lorien said...

Ive heard so many raves bout Oatfix! I wanna try it :) I used to have eczema as a kid but now I just have sensitive skin, so hopefully this will be good! Great blog! x