Thursday, 6 August 2009


Yesterday I got a postcard thing through the post from boots saying that if you buy any 2 products (1 being skin care) from the clinique counter you could get a bag of summery freebies, I was all set to rush down there yesterday cos I love freebies but then I noticed it didnt start untill today. I sent my mum down today to get me the full size versions of the face wash and clarifying lotion that I got in the 3 step routine with my dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I used these for about 2 weeks and my skin was really clear and I had been meaning to buy them so this seemed the perfect time.

The liquid facial soap (left) in extra mild was £13, and a Huge 400ml clarifying lotion was £23, was quite shocked at the size really. so I spent £36 and got...

This pretty drawstring bag with testers of:

  • dramitically different moisturizing lotion (which I use all the time anyway and love!)
  • 7 day scrub cream
  • self sun body daily moisturizer in light /medium
  • tiny tube of lash power mascara in black onyx
  • mini long lasting glosswear spf 15 in 14 cabanna crush (really pretty pink)
  • and a small almost bronzer spf 15 in light medium (I like the look of this, looks like it might be just the right shade for me!)
  • and a mini clinique brush for the bronzer,

So got quite alot really, so if anyone else is looking at buying any more than 1 clinique product before the end of auugust get down to boots and get these freebies with them!


Laura Faye said...

Ooh you got some great freebies, quite tempted now haha xx

sophie-leigh said...

i use Rimmel X-Treme Eyelash waterproof mascara, i think that's what it's called anyway xD

i love your blog xxx

Lyd said...

OOOh this is cool!!! I wish they did this stuff here in italy as well!!!

So have you been using the 3 steps treatment?!

I'm tempted to buy the "samples" set to try it...would you recommend it to someone who normally has a combination skin, but is now experiencing a lot of dryness from sea water, but still has some bad occasional breakouts?

(that's a lot, I know) aahhah just don't wanna waste my money!

Becky said...

@Lyd: I think it should work for you, I have only tried the ones for dry to very dry skin but there are 4 different types you can buy such as for oily skin or combination, I do love this stuff though, definatly made me skin feel alot better so definatly worth a try if you can get hold of the samples :)

Hayley Anderson said...

Cool blog and it's always good to know there's some good cosmetic bargains out there.

Bryden said...

Hey thanks for following my blog! I hope my local boots has this offer on. I love stocking up on my 3 step while its gift time!



Lorien said...

What awesome freebies! Ive used clinique before but didnt really do much to my skin... xx

LimeGreen118 said...

Clinique's Dramatically different moisturizer is not what I expected at all! It left my skin blotchy in some areas and oily on my T-zone! I also got a small sample from Clinique, which I'm not longer using and won't be buying in the near future. What do you think?

Becky said...

@Limegreen118: I really like it but I have incredibly dry skin and get eczema alot so maybe thats why it works for me, have been using it about 5, 6 months now and had no problems, I use the lotion version, is that what you have? xx