Thursday, 13 August 2009

Free Nails inc polishes and hen night

My nails inc polishes finally call came, 1 came last week and the last yesterday so there was a big gap. These all cost £1 with the offer from a newspaper, sorry cant remember which it was, but Im abit confused as to why only one has the proper design on the bottle with the hands while the other two just look cheap.. Has anyone else noticed this on their bottles?
I got (left-right) China town, Jermyn street and basil street. They all seem like nice colours, I tried china town the other day and that seems a really nice bright shade and I think the other two will be really good for the winter, I will do a post when I have used them properly and can judge how good they are.

Also I know this has nothing to do with make up but I went out for my older sisters hen night on saturday night as she is getting married in just over 2 weeks on august 29th. I wasnt going to go as Im skint but my boyfriend decided he was going out so I went too, I had about 5 mins to get ready and luckily found a red dress as the theme was red devils. This is me on the right looking like crap with my 2 sisters, the one in the middle is the one who is getting married. Anyway it was a fun night even though I didnt drink much as I get awful hangovers, but my fave bit was getting to wear my most favourite shoes!

I got them from T K Maxx last year for about £40 and they are Betty Jackson Studio and I love them so much, they are a lovely dark blue and are really high but also really comfortable as they have a bit of a platform at the front so I can walk properly in them..

I love them!

Finally, I know this post has gone on about alot of random crap but I just had to show you my new bag from Debenhams which I have got for uni, it was £30 and its a pale blue, for some reason this photo makes it look really dull but its lovely in real life I promise, its medium size and has handles plus a strap so tyou can wear it over your body which is what I wanted as I hate carrying heavy bags and getting dead arms. Im actually really looking forward to going back to uni, Im at that stage of the summer where Im bored and I actually feel like coursework and stuff would be interesting but I know Ill be hating it within a few days when I go back! I have even bought a pack of pens from wilkinsons ready for going back, this was £2 for them all! highlighters and everything!


Lucy said...

I ordered China Town from this same offer, and mine is the same as yours - without the full design on!xx