Monday, 3 August 2009

Garnier pure active range

About 4 weeks ago I was sent 4 products from the Garnier pure active range to try out, I recieved the spot roll on, blackhead clearing scrub, deep pore unclogging wash and the moisturisor. This range claims to get results from day 1 and contains 2% purifying Salicylic acid and herbasoothe and claim to help fight spots and fade marks. I tend to get a few spots at certain times of the month and when I eat alot of sweets and chocolatey things so I was keen to use these products.

I had already myself bought the spot roll on (bottom picture) so when I recieved another I gave this to my mum to try out. I have been using these products since I recieved them and thought this a good amount of time to get a proper idea of how they work for me.

I did find that when I was using the wash and moisturisor daily after about 5 days I broke out so I cut them out of my regime untill my skin cleared and then began using them every few days rather than my normal face products and they worked really well this way. I have dry sensitive skin so I think daily use may have just been too much for me.

I love the roll on the most, redness went very quickly and spots cleared up alot faster than normal, my mum and my boyfriend both agreed after using the roll on and my sister then bought her own and she loves it too.

The mositurisor seemed to definatly work well aswell, I had a spot on my chin about 2 months ago and for ages afterwards I was left with a red mark and within a week this had finally gone!

I would definatly recommend this range to people, but just warn to be careful with your usage depending on your skin type :)