Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Kreativ blogger TAG

I was tagged by Gillian with this KreativBlogger tag. For this tag you have to post 7 random faces about youself which I always find really hard to think of!

1)I reallly love reading, I have the equivalent of w h smith in the corner of my room haha, really should get some kind of storage or sell some or something.

2) I have the worst motivation to do revision and things like that at uni, I leave things then have to cram and feel rubbish instead of planning properly!

3) I love making shopping lists, makes shopping more fun for me for some reason!

4) I dont like dogs much, I used to love them and really wanted one but recently I find them really scary, my grandma has a labrador which wants to jump up all the time which I hate!

5) I dont like using cutelry or plates, cups etc in cafes and other peoples houses, dont like thinking about other people using them, :s.

6) I have an obsession with smints, not sure why, just eat so many and have done for years.

7) I am a rubbish swimmer, not sure why as I had lessons all the time when I younger but Im really crap! when I go swimming I always feel like the lifeguards are judging my swimming skills which makes me even worse haha.

I tag my followers! x