Thursday, 30 July 2009

NOTD and update + 50 followers!

Just a quick NOTD, last night I used the Collection 2000 hot looks in BMX bandit which is a gorgeous creamy blue/purple, I love this colour so much and it went on so smoothly as this polish has a great brush which makes application really easy! In 2 different shops today I was asked by the women serving me what nail polish it was as they liked it so much and neither could believe it would only cost them about £1.50! cant wait to test the other ones I have from this range now!

Heres just a bit of an update:

I have a few posts to do tomorrow, a review on some products from the garnier pure active range which I was sent to try out and a post on my huge order from e.l.f which consists of both the studio range and some stuff from the regular range.

I am also planning on a bit of a diet, well not so much a diet but just making an effort to not eat as much crap as I do, like for example this week I have had a curry, chippy, dominos, and not only is that making me bloated and feel crap but its bloody expensive! I have a treadmill and the wii fit so going to make more of an effort to use them both and drink more water from tomorrow.
I also want to say sorry for the lack of posts but I am back at work now and last week I found out that my mum is ill, not quite sure how serious yet but will be finding out next week after another scan so I have been feeling really down and upset and not up to posting but I am feeling abit more calm now so hopefully things will be ok :(

Also I now have 50 followers!!! Thank you so much, I love reading blogs so much and am so glad people think mine is worth reading, I will have to do a contest soon, I will plan one as soon as I have some money to spare!


nicola ticola ponders said...

aahhh that colour is sooo nice! Those fatter brushes are so good, especially for someone as clumsy as my when it comes to nail polish!

Mmmmm curry and chippy, making me hungry now! haha

Nicola xx

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

Love the nail colour! :) x

LauraAlexandra90 said...

Love the nail colour! Will have to pick this up next time i am shopping.

Great blog btw :)

Laura x

Leanne said...

Gorgeous colour! I was thinking of getting Dynasty, the lilac one, but I think I might have to get BMX Bandit too :D
Nice blog :) xo

FabBlab said...

Gorgeous color.

xcharleym0ox said...

Lovely nail colour! :)

I hope your Mum is better soon!! xx

Jenn said...

I love that collection 2000 range, surprisingly good quality for the price! I have the pinky/lilac and the turquoise