Saturday, 4 July 2009

Barry M goodies

As I mentioned in an older post, I subscribed to More magazine a few weeks ago and I got my freebies throught the post yesterday, £42 worth of Barry M products.

I recieved:

  • 3 in 1 mascara
  • Glitter liquid eyeliner in 02 (silver)
  • Glossy tube in 10 (pink)
  • Dazzle dusts in 23 and 95 (green and purple)
  • Nail paints in 296 (coral0 and NPP1 (says limited edition but its pink, think this may be the one lollipop26 has been speaking about in her blog!)
  • Kohl pencil in 6 (blue)
  • Natural dazzle compact

So far I have used the natural dazzle today for contouring, the mascara which I love already! and the coral nail paint which is pictured below, although I only put it on last night and Its already chipped quite abit but I have been doing alot at work which could explain this.

I also just wanted to show you these cute earrings I got from Asda, they were only £2.50 and they are dangly hearts made from little pearl like stones, so sweet. Sorry again that the photo is rubbish!!

Can anybody please recommend a good contouring brush thats affordable?


hazeleyes said...

I love those earrings!! xXx