Monday, 20 July 2009

St Moriz & few other bits

Today I finally bought some of the St. Moriz fake tan, It has been in the local T J hughes for ages but I kept stopping myself as I have so much fake tan, but I have read so much good reviews about this product that I couldnt put it off any longer :) so I got it for £2.99 today, Im quite tanned from my hols so Im not planning to use it at the moment but Ill do a review when I do use it in the next few weeks.

I also picked up a 2 in 1 cleaner from the new boots vitamin e range I mentioned in another post, this was £2.99 and my fave simple cream was reduced to £3 for the big bottle at superdrug.

I also picked up this sally hansen no more mistakes corrector pen as I am quite bad at putting nail varnish on and I get a bit messy so this is a good idea for me. This was £1.99 from T J Hughes. I also got another 17 nail polish. Its a gorgeous purple called Lilac storm and I cant wait to try it out later.

Next up is the Prestige skin loving minerals bronzer in Glam Tan. I have been looking at these for so long but I could never decide which I wanted but today I finally decided on this one. Its really shimmery but when I tried it before it seemed nice on but that was on top of my normal bronzer so Im hoping this looks ok when I try it tomorrow on its own.

This is a swatch of the glam tan, pics crap cos with the flash it didnt show up at all for some reason yet without it looks really dark and dull.


Liparazzi said...

I have the Prestige Skin Loving Minerals in Pure Shimmer and I use that as a's lush! You should try it out! I also have it in St Tropez. I am definitely going back from Glam Tan! Come check out my blog sometime x

Victoria said...

I like the look of that correcting pen. I could do with one of those! x

Shopaholic said...

Have you used the correcting pen before? I wonder if it is any good?

Thanks for entering the giveaway! good luck x

Becky said...

@ shopaholic : hi I havent used this yet, but I have quite a few of the sally hansen products and the others are all really good so hopefully this will be 2, I will mention it in a post when I have used it xx