Saturday, 4 July 2009

NOTD and Avon

Hiya, sorry for the lack of posts, Im still without my laptop and working all hours before my holiday on wednesday!

So first up is my nail of the day, this is the 17 limited edition coral reef nail polish, this lasted 4 days with only one chip I got at work before I took it off, Im very impressed with the 17 polishes, have tried a few now and they last really well and the consitencys really good, I used the Sally Hansen nail treatment as a base and then 2 coats of this. Its quite similar to the tropical island shade I did a previous NOTD post on but this is more red where as the tropical island has more of an orange tone which I do prefer. Ill definatly be buying more 17 polishes especially when they are only a few quid! I also got a delivery from Avon the other day. I ordered no make up, just body and hair products.

On the far left is a moisturisor for dry skin, its a huge bottle and was reduced to £2.50, this is quite good, but I still prefer the simple derma one as its thicker, this one was abit more watery but still good value!
Next to that is a root boosting spray. Again was about £2.50 i think, I used this after a shower yesterday with the sunsilk volume shampoo and my hair does seem bigger and better!
Ian the middle is this strawberry yogurt face mask, I used this a few nights ago for 10 mins and its lovely, smells gorgeous, and was very mositurising. I think this was only 99p.

Second to the right is a body illuminating cream, I used abit of this on my arm when I forst got it and it made me itchy so looks like I wont be using this again :(
Lastly is the am/pm cleansers, this is great, ones a refreshing wash for the morning and the others for taking your make up off at night. Its moisturising and I liked the smell of the am one!
I plan on ordering some make up from the latest avon book so watch out for more on that :)


hazeleyes said...

I love that nail colour... i've never tried 17 polishes before but they sound good... i might have to give them a go!! xXx