Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Favourite reads

I saw this post on victorias blog: http://lilyloveslola.blogspot.com/2009/07/favourite-reads.html and thought it was a great idea! so I have been through the books I have in my room at the moment and picked out the best, I have 6 instead of 5 as I couldnt choose between them.

1. Where rainbows end by Cecelia Ahern - I loved this book so much, It is set over years and years right from the 2 mains characters childhoods right through to old age and it is such a lovely story, I wont give the story away but I would definatly recommend this book, its one of my faves!

2. Lucky by Jackie Collins - This book follows a character called Lucky Santangelo and is part of a large series I think, Its full of money and sex and crime and mystery and it really drew me in!

3. The virgins lover by Philippa Gregory - This is again part of a series which the film the other Boleyn girl came from. I have read them all now and they are all really good, I would say that the best is actually one called The Queens fool but I couldnt find my copy anywhere. They are all full of scandal and are amazingly well writen!

4. The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert - I got this book from a £2 bookshop in Huddersfield as I fancied something new and hadnt ever read many horrors and Im so glad I did. I scare easily when it comes to ghosts and things that make noises in the night so this book had me scared to the point where I couldnt even go to the toilet in the dark lol! Its a really goodstory and really is soo scary and I even found it quite upsetting at points as there is a sad issue within the family. I have since read alot of James Herbert books and some of them are quite confusing but others I would recommend are the magic cottage, and the Fog which I enjoyed alot too.

5. Daddys girls by Tasmina Perry - Full of sex, scandals and celebrities! I found it so hard to put this book down and I was quite upset when I finished it. It is about 4 sisters who are all suspected of killing their wealthy father and I really didnt want to put it down!

6. Angel by Katie Price - I know she probably didnt actually write her books but I got this when it first came out quite a few years ago and I loved it straight away. Its about a young girl becoming a model and getting caught up in the celebrity world and I have read this many times since and I still enjoy it as much. I have also really enjoyed all of the other books she has written such as Angel uncovered and Crystal and there is one out the end of this month which I am going to buy too!

I bought a few new books from Sainsburys at the weekend which were Sins by Penny Jordan and The host by Stephanie Meyer so Im going to be reading these next as I just finished my last book (The last to know by Melissa Hill - good but abit complicated)



Luc said...

Daddys girl sounds like a good book. lol!! I really loved A place called here by Cecelia Ahern so I'd recomend that seeing as you liked were rainbows end!!

I also got a library card a few weeks ago but I was more interested in the music collection :P

Make up madness said...

ooh i was looking a dadys grls the otherday didnt know if i should get, it im gona defo get it now, thanks

AbbieAndBrian said...

please let me know what you think of the host because i'm not sure whether to get it or not :S
that's my list of favourite reads i did the other day

Becky said...

@ Luc: Thanks I have just had a look at that on amazon and I think I might get that next time I go shopping :)

@ AbbieAndBrian: I will do, Im going to start it later


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Where Rainbows End is probably my favourite book. I have read it more than 10 times I LOVE IT lol. The Host is on my wishlist =) xx

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Meant to say have you read Golddiggers by Tasmina Perry? I wouldn't have ever picked any book of hers up - I didn't think I would like - but it was the only English book I could find on holiday after I'd read my others and it was great, I read it in a day!

Becky said...

@ Girl with the golden touch : yep I have read that and I really liked that one 2, just finished guilty pleasures by her aswell recently and I would recommend that 2 :) xx

tackyblueeyeshadow said...

I love the sound of 'Where Rainbows End' I'll definately get hold of that one once I've finished my current book x

LipGlossGossip said...

These sound like great books. I love reading. I will look into to some of these. Thanks for sharing. :-)