Sunday, 26 July 2009

NOTD and nail polish storage

Today I used the Barry M flamingo pink nail paint for the first time after ordering it off their website, I love the colour, its a corally pink and is so pretty but Im not too sure on the polish on a whole as it took a few coats to get full coverage and then it took forever to dry, definatly going to use it again though as I love the colour so much!!
I also got this little set of drawers from wilkinsons for £2 recently, I was going to put my earrings and things in them but tonight I decided to use it for some of my nail varnishs. It wasnt big enough for all of my bottles but I had fun organising the ones I wanted in it :)

This is the drawers closed! bargain for £2 and there were a few other patterns too.

Also from wilkinsons I got these collection 2000 nail varnishs, which are (l-r) BMX bandit (blue), Wham (grey) and Button moon (light creamy green). I think they are all such nice colours and with my discount only cost me about £1.20 each!! The button moon is more or less exactly the same as the Barry M mint green aswell!


Victoria said...

great post. i might pop 2 wilkos and get those drawers! xx

Becky said...

Yeah u shud they are so cute they are from the stationary bit xx

Lisa Jane said...

Me too, I love storage almost as much as the stuff (make up) that goes in it!
I have to get that bmx bandit polish too, I keep seeing it everywhere!

hazeleyes said...

Love the storage for your nail polishes! Soo much more organised than mine!! xXx

Victoria Hart said...

Oh, I love that colour! I may have to invest as I'm really enjoying pink nails this summer...!! I'm not sure where the 'follow' link is on my blog I'm afraid, sorry! But thanks for your comment! xxx

hannahbabeyxo said...

I saw this barry m nail varnish in boots today it looked really pretty! & i loved the boxes you got bargain @ £2! xoxo