Sunday, 19 July 2009

Holiday pics

Hey, thought Id do a post with a few photos from my holiday! As i have mentioned in some old posts I went to a town in Rhodes, Greece called Lindos, this was my 3rd time with my boyfriend Nick and this time we took my younger sister aswell. It s a gorgeous little town with no roads as its all preserved as it used to be with little white wash houses, so the main way of getting up the steep hilly paths is by donkey which I never did as I felt sorry for them in that heat especially with huge people on them :/
This first photo is me and nick on our first night going out for a meal,This was the beach that was right outside our apartment, such a nice view in the morning :)

This photo was just taken out for a meal one evening,
This is me on the left anf my younger sister one night posing on the terrace,

This is me and Nick posing too lol

This is me and Nick whilst out for pizza on our last night, I had a burnt painful chest at this point :(

Lindos has 3 beaches, a main one, a smaller one and this one which is called st pauls bay, its proper picturesque when you see it, we never went on the beach or in the water here as the main beach was closest to where we were staying but I wish we had now.

I had a great time and I bet this is where I will end up booking for next year again!

Has anyone else ever been to Lindos?



Victoria said...

I'm glad you had a good hol! x

Becky said...

thanks! it was great, only been home a few days and I already need another one :( xx

Daisy said...

I really want to go to Greece this year and am looking at hols at the moment- your hol pictures are gorgeous! Where did you find the apartment?xxx

Becky said...

we booked through olympic, they are really good, the flight with monarch and the transfer was included, the apartments we stayed in were called avra apartments and are right on the beach, hope that helps :)

Daisy said...

Ooh thanks! xx

Victoria Hart said...

I used to live in Lindos! Until the age of 5!

Becky said...

really! I love it there have been the last 3 years in the summer, hoping to go over there for a few months after I finish uni next year! x