Sunday, 19 July 2009

Mini boots haul

Just a small boots haul. I got the No 7 protect and perfect body serum as it was half price, There was an offer on if you spent over £20 you got a free gift (watch) so I got a skin illuminator in peach. I didnt realise untill I got it home though that its in a stupid bottle with a brush built in which I always find hard to use. This was £10.25 I think.

I also got a blush contour brush from Prestige, this was around £6, I was considering getting some of the sun baked bronzers but I couldnt decide which one to get so I left it, I really want one though so I will be going back.

I picked up the Kiss draw on french tip pen after seein it on Hele's blog, this was about £5 and I put it on a few nights ago but after a few hours It had all pretty much come off, I didnt put any thing on over the top of it as I had been in a rush so Im going to give this another go when I get some time to do it properly.

Boots also had a new vitamin e skin care range, I picked up the moisture day cream and the gentle eye cream with spf 15. I have been using these the last few days and I already love them, the cream feels gorgeous and the eye cream already seems to have lightened up my eye bags! these were £2.50 each and there was also a night cream and face wipes and a few other things all around this price so definatly worth checking out!

I also got the Dolce and Gabbana light blue perfume from Body care for £38.99, I meant to pick this up in the airport duty free but I forgot so I just got it there, I so love the smell of this, really fruity and fresh. This is a 100ml bottle so quite good price really! (sorry its sideways, forgot to turn it before I uploaded it)


Victoria said...

I love the protect & perfect range! x

Lisa Jane said...

I love that D&G Light Blue! So lovely and summery, if you have a TJ Hughes near you, they sell them a lot cheaper in there (sorry cant remember exact price!)
Nice haul!

Becky said...

@ Lisa Jane: thanks, i forgot about t j hughes, thers one right next door to my work so Ill have to check it out xx