Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Ive had a good root through some piles of stuff in my room and found some interesting stuff I forgot I had. First up is the Too Faced wrinkle injection, I bought this last year as I have bad frown lines on my forehead, I seem to be frowning all the time and even at 20 they are already quite bad. Never got round to using it yet though.

This is the Revlon skin lights which has spf 15 and is in the shade 01 golden light, this was too dark my skin but it blends quite nicely.

this is the Nivea goodbye cellulite lotion. I loved this product last year and this tube is nearly empty, I was going to buy another tube recently but I got the nivea my silhouette instead this time when they were both half price at Boots, Im going away in less than 2 months so Im back on the quest for smooth non bumpy legs so Im hoping it will work as well.
I found alot of random eye shadows, I really like the opia (primark) duo which is a lovely light blue and green,will save that for summer and all of that range only costs 98p each! I also found a bourjois eye shadow in shade 92 which is a dark shimmery grey which is great for smokey eyes, completely forgot id bought this so im happy with that.

This is from primark again, it says blusher on the front but its very brown so its definatly more of a bronzer, this is pretty dark but I used it on a night out when I wanted more make up and it was quite good for 98p.

I found my too faced lash injection which I used to really like, its a bit clumpy and takes ages to get off but apart from that it gave lots of volume, I would use it again if it wasnt so expensive. These brushes are both primark I think, think the brown one might be from somewhere else but it has no name on it anywhere. Theres also a brand new rimmer kohl pencil in demin blue.

I love these 2 nail varnishes, the pink is a great shade and its 98p from primark, and the blues La femme beauty.

I found this california tan bronzer, I got this from superdrug ages ago when the range was reduced, its good quality but too dark for me. The next is a bobbypin bronzer that I picked up in the christmad sales in boots and shoved in a drawer and forgot about, this looks like a great shade for me and Im going to use it next time I do my make up.

I havent got a clue where these have come from, think they were xmas presents , they are both Victoria Jackson palletes, the larger one is the color collection and the smaller is the baby doll color kit, going to put these to some use as the eyeshadows and blushers look really good.

This is a different version of dry shampoo, I got this from a cheap shop, cant remember its name but this was about 89p, its the same concept as say batiste but without the spray can, its just the loose powder and you just put it on and rub it in, for the price this is ok but messy as it always eems to go everywhere.

This eye pallete on the top is from Primark, I think it was about £1.99 and I got it around christmas when they had the gift ranges in, they are relaly nice shades and they do the job but the powder can go everywhere, worth the money though. The one below was from woolworths when they were open, not sure of the make, its just called the luxury eye shadow palette, this has gorgeous colours and Im glad I found it.

Just thought Id shove this next one in as a recommendation for anyone who suffers from eczema, This is aloe vera gel and I got this for a few quid from Holland and Barrett and it really soothes the skin.

This is another product from the Elle macpherson the body range, it is called the skin smooth massager, Im going to get using this asap ready for my holiday.

I picked this up from Lush after reading that it makes shaving really smooth and painless as with my eczema I find shaving brings me out in a rash every time and I hoped this would help calm down my skin, I use this once and found no difference so it hasnt been used again :(

Thats about it for now, I love going through stuff Id forgotten about.