Wednesday, 6 May 2009

New stuff

This morning I found a bag in my room with some new stuff in I bought a few weeks ago and promptly forgot about so here it is:

I got this Nair hair removal cream from Boots as I have ezcema and thought this might work well for me as shaving makes my skin really really itchy, i have tried veet and that had the same effect, so I am going to try this tomorrow.

I got this mud mask from T.K.Maxx for £4.99, the day I got this I put a little patch on my face to check it didnt give me a rash or anything and then never got round to using it again, Might try it tonight to de-stress me before another exam tomorrow.

It looks really discusting, its proper mud :/

Today I was in uni for another exam and I thought I would try out my elizabeth Arden mini mascara that I got in my free gift bag. Its the double density maximum volume mascara. Its got a nice thick brush and it did work well but I still prefer my max factor false lash effect, especially when its alot cheaper.