Sunday, 17 May 2009

Primarks new make up range!

primark has a whole new beauty range in! I went in today and the place was heaving but I still got some bits :) It seemed to beover 4 different ranges, there was the ordinary £1 range in new packaging, a glam one, a spa one and one tht had lotsa expenisve looking packaging and cool things like false lash effect mascars.

this is an eyebrow kit, it has 2 shades of brown, ones a powder and the darker ones more of a cream and it comes with 2 little brushes, this was £1.

This nail varnish was also £1, it doesnt have a name but its a corally colour, great for summer and quite similar to the Rimmel one I bought the other day.

This is great, it was £2.50 and is very similar to the Benefit one, the pic below is the box it comes in and its called 'The happy couple' duo bronzer and blusher! comes with the little brush aswell!

Next is this blusher brush which was £1.50, it really soft but I dont think its as sturdy as I like.

This is a massaging soap, which was £1.50, thought this would be worth a try for smooth legs before the summer.

These clips were £1, I know they arent make up but I thought they were really cute :)

This bronzer brush was £1.

This body spray is from the spa range and it smells gorgeous but the smell didnt last for long, I think it was £2.

This is a wash off bronzer, its really golden and shimmery and I plan to use it when I go on holiday, this was also £2.

I got the cutest beach towel in there aswell, it was £4.40, and is covered in lollies! matches my jelly sandels I got last week.

I popped into superdrug aswell and got the Gosh salt water spray, it was buy any 2 gosh professional products for £5.99 so I got the damage control shampoo aswell, which saved me about £3.50, I havent tried either yet but Iv read lotsa good reviews about the sea salt spray so wish me look with it.


Doma-Nikki said...

I wish my primark stocked cosmetics :s

make_up_me said...

I have to go to the big manchester one to get most stuff, thats the closest one to me but it stocks everything so atlease its a worth while journey :) x