Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Primark haul, fake tan & reaction

I have just had my last uni exam of the year this morning so Im free to make blogs without feeling guilty that Im not revising :) so firstly heres some bits I got from Primark for the summer as I have just booked my holiday to Lindos in Greece for July!

These pink glasses are so cute and were only a few quid!

and I got these jelly sandals, I had these last year in a different pattern and they were perfect on the beach and in the sea so I got these as soon as I saw them for £3! and I just love the ice looly pattern on them

I got this necklace which came with matching earrings for just £2, its so pretty and looks like it would cost alot more,I love it.

This dress was from the nightwear but I want to wear it as a summer dress, I think ill get away with it as its not too sea through and can be pulled off as a proper dress. This cost £4.

This top has halter neck straps that are the same pattern as the bottom bit of the top and this was £3.

I have so many fake tans, every time I try something new I tend to find a problem with it and never use it again, so today I dug out all the ones I could find to show you the extent of how many I have bought and what I thought about them, I have really dry skin so what doesnt work for me might be completely different for you as I find St. Tropez doesnt work for me but on my friend looks amazingly real and brown.

Below are the garnier summer body (good), Loreal sublime bronze (orange), garnier after sun with tan prolonger.

Above is Johnsons holiday skin (ok), st tropez everyday face (made me itchy), fake bake mouse (itchy and patchy due to dry skin, otherise good colour), xen tan face (really good), xen tan body (good), fake bake lotion (good), dove (ok), st tropez lotion (orange n patchy), clarins delicious (really good), clarins face (really good), st tropez mouse (orange on me), palmers natural bronze (really good), loreal sublime bronze airbrush (good when I use the fair one, good coverage), Olay tannign moisturisor (ok but made me itchy), garnier face (didnt do much), loreal face (didnt do much), make believe facial tanner with winter barrier (good), st tropez everyday body in fair (good, only st tropez product that doesnt mess up for me.) All in all Id say the best are the palmers, xen tan and clarins but the last two are expensive.

I also have the st tropez aero bronze somewhere that I got for about £8 from T.K.Maxx but that came out awful and was so patchy, probably as I sprayed myself, might have been better if I had help.

I also found this nail varnish, im not sure where its from, have a feeling it might be new look but I love the colour and Im going to keep it out ready for the summer.

I bought this from Superdrug the other day for about £2.50, it is the Palmers cocoa butter formula moisturizing body oil as I have been using alot of palmers products recently and thought they were working well. It said on the bottle you could put 1 or 2 capfuls in your bath to make it very soothing anf moisturising, I did this and it felt fine then yesterday morning I woke up and eczema had appeared all over me when I had had it under control for the past few months, My face was awful and still feels sore and bumpy now, my eyes puffed up so I could hardly see and my cheeks really flared up, this clamed down a few hours after getting up but all I can think is that this caused the flare up as I did not use or eat anything else that I dont usually do, Iv added some photos of my cheeks that I took yesterday afternoon, this was after it had gone down quite abit after using creams and plus the lighting doesnt really work but you get the idea, so I would say that if anyone suffers from eczema be careful if you want to use this product.