Friday, 1 May 2009

In and Out

I want to be here :(

I keep seeing these in and outs on other blogs and thought Id make one too.


I heard that its going to be a hot summer! thank god.

Nivea natural beauty face cream, this makes a such a nice base for my make up.

Twister Ice lollies, its like an obsession.

Im really into watching Sex and the city again at the moment, anyhting to avoid revision.

My Babyliss conical wand! I love love love this. so glad I saw this on Lollipop26's youtube videos

Gerard Butler - enough said.


I want a new phone, but my contract doesnt end untill febuary next year and all the good ones are 2 expensive, I want a Blackberry curve 8900.

My fringe really needs cutting but I have no time to go to the hairdressers.

Exams!! they end on the 12th May thank god, but revisions driving me mad at the moment.

My Job! 7am starts are not the way to go.