Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mini haul

I finally got a Ped-egg, £9.99 from Wilkinsons, Ive been wanting one for ages but thought they were abit pricey, but then they got a pink one and I just had to buy it, I was abit apprehensive at first but I think its great and my feet definately feel smoother even after only using it about 3 times! Plus its pink :)

I also got this Clinique set from Boots, I think it was around £26, so its really just paying for the Dramitically different moisturising lotion and getting a trial size of the clarifying lotion and face wash free, I have been using this every day since and Im nearly out of the trial ones but I think they work really well, my face has cleared up and my skin feels alot softer and alot less dry. Im planning on getting the full size version of the Clarifying lotion next week which is £13.70 according to the Clinique website.

Lastly, is the Boots expert Total body anti-cellulite cream. I LOVE this, been using it for weeks now and I have definatly seen a difference, Im even on to my second bottle now! definately worth the £6 or so that it costs!


Doma-Nikki said...

I saw this at work (Boots) and thought of your post the other week. Im going to invest in it on pay day to see if its a cheaper alternative to L'Oreal perfect slim :o)

make_up_me said...

I love it, definatly worth buying, last year I used the nivea goodbye cellulite which was also good and I also have the nivea my silhouette but I would say the boots one is the best x