Friday, 1 May 2009

Skin care

I thought I would make a blog about my skin care regime.
The main products that I use most days are in the photo above and they are:
  • Garnier clean and soft make up remover

  • Nivea body Q10 firming lotion

  • Nivea natural beauty radiance boosting moisturiser
  • Nivea natural beauty radiance boosting daily scrub

  • Nivea My Silhouette

  • Garnier nutritionist face cream
  • Boots expert anti- itch soother

  • Astral moisturiser

There is alot of moisturisers there but I have really dry skin and eczema so I have to use alot.

The make up remover works really well on my skin, its really soft and I just use a cotton wool pad and all of my make up comes off easily.

I havent been using the Nivea Q10 lotion for long so I dont know whether its had much of an effect but I really like nivea moisturisers.

The natural beauty radiance boosting moisturiser is really good, It leaves an almost sparkly finish which make up goes on really nicely. This photo shows my face without any foundation or anything.

The daily scrub is nice aswell, the beads in it arent too big but I dont use it every day as I think that would irritate my skin too much as it flairs up easily.

The nivea my silloheaute hasnt been used for long, less than a week, my skin feels softer but no other difference as yet. It was half price at Boots so about £5.50 so I thought Id give it a try before summer.

The Garnier nutritionist cream is great, it smells gorgeous, like lemons and other fruits and it makes my face feel really fresh.

The Boots anti itch soother is great, as Ive said I have eczema and I used it on my legs the other day when they were driving me mad with itching and within 5 mins they felt fine and Id stopped itching :) miracle.

The astral moisturiser is what I carry around with me for during the day, its really thick and really does the job.

I got this product from Boots last year and I havent seen it since but the Boots in my town is quite small so it might still be avaliable in the larger stones. Its an Elle Macpherson 'the body' Toned body treatment. It is with australian ginger and sea algae and I used it loads last year and I thought it was much better than any of the other products like this that I have tried, and after use it leaves the skin feeling really tight and tingly as if it starts working straight away.

I picked this up in Superdrug a few days ago to use when I am using my conical wand, it smells really nice and it was less than £5, I havent used it yet though.