Monday, 25 May 2009

In and Outs

Have just finshed working all day and can finally relax abit with the day off tommorow so I thought I;'d do an in and out list for what I feel at the moment :)


  • Double pay for working sunday and bank holiday monday! kinda makes it worthwhile.
  • My Blackberry! I love it, trully converted.
  • The Boots expert total body anti- cellulite cream. This is definatly having some effect, my mum even told me my thighs look slimmer, have been using it twice a day for the last 2 weeks or so, need to buy another tomorrow as Iv nearly used it up!
  • Still loving the Palmers fake tan!
  • Simple intense moisturising cream! amazing, Im not itchy at all and have not had an eczema flaring up whilst using it!
  • My elizabeth arden mineral powder! used this alot then went off it for a while but now I love it again, using it every day at the moment.


  • The fact that Monarch airlines are doing a ballot to go on strike in july! My flight to Greece in July is with them :(
  • Having no money! credit cards being used a bit too much at the moment.
  • Working when the weathers nice like it was yesterday! I didnt get too see any sun.
  • Weak nails! Finally prised the acrylics off a few days ago and my nails have died!
  • Having no room for anything! I need to get some storage for stuff.
  • Facebook - I seem to spend my life checking facebook and I actually find it really annoying now.

Thats about it for now! Planning to do quite a few blogs and reviews tomorrow though on ym day off :)