Saturday, 9 May 2009

My Make up and stuff

This blog is of the stuff I have with me and in my make up bag at the moment, to get an idea of what I use..

This is the elizabeth arden 8 hour cream, I dont reallyknow why I bought this as it was expensive and I didnt need it, I think it was something at boots like buy 2 products and get loads of points and this was my extra thing.

These are the bronzers from ym make up bag, left to right they are the fcuk bronzer, elizabeth arden bronzing shimmer powder in golden and the elizabeth arden pure finish mineral bronzing powder in medium. I prefer the mineral one the most. At the bottom is the eyeko bronzing cream.

This is the eye shadows, the top 3 palletes are the make up acadamy cheap ones from T.J.Hughes which I have mentioned before, I went back and got 2 more cos I really like them. I also have in there 2 mac powders in mulch and woodwinked and a paintpot in blackground.

This the mascaras and eyeliners, I have the maybelline great lash which was my fave untill the max factor false lash effect and theres also the elizabeth arden mini. I have the mac liner in Teddy, a tiny leftover bit of a rimmel kohl liner, a primark eye crayon which was 98p and works great as a smokey eye liner!! and a liquid liner which is outdoor girl cosmetics from T.J.Hughes.

This is foundations and concealers, theres aldi's lacura concealer pen which i love and there lacura foundation in transparent which again for the price is amazingly good. I have the Rimmel hide the blemish concealer, have been using this for years, and an asda concealer which cost 99p and is just as good if not better as its paler and works better on my skin tone. I have a tester of Clarins true comfort foundation which is an spf 15 and in the shade 05, this isnt the right colour for me, the woman matched it up but I think its too orange for me and isnt wearable. Next is the No7 stay perfect foundation in cream, and again I got this in a too dark shade so I dont really use it. The one I use most is the elizabeth arden pure finish mineral powder foundation, I have this in 02, Its about £22 but im already on my 2nd pot and I really like it.

Brushes next, I have the mac 217, underneath it is a w7 one which was about £2.50 and I tend to use that one more for applying eyeshadows. On the left is a w7 foundation brush that needs cleaning, an elizabeth arden puff thing and 2 elizabeth arden kabuki brushes and the elizabeth arden brush for the powder foundation, it was £15 but its so soft and shaped just right for the product. If you have the foundation I would really recommend you get this specific brush too!

Blushes and highlighters, there are 2 primark products here, there cheek and lip tint and their highlighter, both 99p, I like the highlighter but the tint is a bit too dark. In the centre is the aldi blusher in sunset, this is really good and really good quality for the price. Theres the victoria beckham highlighter I got the other day which so far is rubbish and the N.y.c blusher that broke and I havent got round to throwing it out yet.

I had 2 nail varnishes with me, the eyeko pastel polish and La femme beauty one in purple passion, that one was only about £2 off a beauty stall in Bury.

This is lip products, theres one thats Astor in the shade 100, another cheapo one from T.J.Hughes which in is naked pearl, theres photos of these in older blogs, Natural collection moisture shine lipstick in apple blossom, T.J.Hughes make up academy one in Champagne which is a lovely corally pink one and was only 99p! I also have the vaseline rosy lips pot which I love and use every day and Nivea SOS lip balm and the too faced lip injection, this stings like hell but does work!!

This is a close up of the colour of the aldi sunset blusher, it comes with a little applicator brush but I dont think its worth using.

Just some other bits I had with me now, these are from Superdrug and they are tea tree cleansing pads, using these at the moment as Im really stressed and dont want my skin too break out.

This is the make up academy lipstick with the flash.

This is the batiste dry shampoo! I use this so much and I love it, I usually use the original one but its on offer at asda for £1 at the moment so I thought Id try the rose blush one but I dont really like the smell so once this is use up im going back to the original one. They do a tropical one too and that smells gorgeous but they didnt have any in when I went :(.

Let me know if you would be interested in any reviews on anything here.