Monday, 4 May 2009

Avoiding revision!

I have been shopping today when I really shouldnt have as my exams start 2mro, I really did need some pens so at least I did something productive, Just a quick look at the bits I bought then back to revision for me :(
First though two pairs of shoes Iv just found under my bed that Id forgotten about which made me feel abit better, the first I bought a few weeks ago ready for summer from a little shoe shop near Manchester and the second I bought last year from Dorothy Perkins in the sale and never wore so Im keeping them out now ready for summer!

I went into Boots and got this first lipstick from Natural collection, Its a moisture shine one in Apple Blossom, I saw this in a nother blog and really wanted it,its a nude shade and I really like it and it only cost £1.95.
The second I got from T.J.Hughes, Im not sure where else has these shops but I went to the Rochdale one and picked this up from there for 99p!! Its in Naked pearl and its such a pretty pink.

Without flash

With flash (natural collection on the left, T.J.Hughes on the right)

Also whilst in T.J.Hughes I saw they had loads of Victoria Beckham blushers and Highlighters for £2 each. This one is called 105: Precious Hope but there were loads of other nice shades from shimmery whites to really dark blushers. It says on the box that it is to be used to sculpt the face so Im going to give it a try. Its a really nice pinky shade but the container is so small. Never knew she had her own make up before, has anyone else used it?

T.J.Hughes again for this eye shadow pallete, the case says make up academy and Im not sure if this is sold anywhere else, this was £1.29 I think and I just thought the shades and the pigmentation of these was really good and similar to the mac ones that I am using so I got this to test them against those and for a handy palette to carry around with me to work and uni.

I also popped into Boots and got this Garnier clean and soft caring toner.I use the make up remover from this range and I love it so I thought I would give this a try. It says that it has the essense of rose but I cant really smell it. Its suitable for dry and sensitive skin so hopefully this will be fine for me.
I also got the Palmer's gradual tanning moisturizer, I keep reading peoples reviews of this and I really like the normal body cream they do so Im hoping this will be good, I am going to apply it tonight so hopefully tomorrow I will be lovely and bronzed :).

Back to revising for now :(