Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Mini haul

I went shopping today after work today to treat myself abit after finishing my exams, I got this gosh bronzer from Superdrug for about £13, its called the giant sun powder and its really nice and golden. The pics are shut and open.

These sprays are really fruity and 88p buy 1 get 1 free, just thought they would be nice and cheap to take on holiday, these are from superdrug aswell.

I got this face mask from boots,im sturggling to sort out the eczema tht came up the other day, doesnt seem 2 be calming down at all so I thought this might be soothing and will get rid of the spots I got stressing about my exams and it was about 98p.

I got this after seeing it on pheobe's finds blog, was £5.86 from boots, its quite dark but im gonna give it a try when my face clears up as at the moment all of my make up is just clinging to my dry skin and being patchy :(.

Whilst in superdrug I picked up my fave mascare the max factor false lash effect in black waterprrof to take on holiday, got it now while its still on offer.

This is a simple derma intensive relief lotion which was £2.99 in boots after having 1/3 off, it says its great for eczema sufferers and itscheap so worth a try, this is a big 400ml bottle, hope its good.

I love my vasaline lip pots so I got this one from boots for myholiday as it has spf 15, it was £1.69, I payed for all my boots things with points though as I had about £15 pounds worth.

I have seen this next Loreal mascara on alot of blogs so I grabbed it at the check outs in superdrug as it was only about £5.50 or something, but have got home and realised its in brown as I didnt think to check at the checkout, just grabbed it so going to take it back and try and change it for a black one tomorrow.

I went into Wilkinsons and got some sudacrem for my spots, had to replace my other pot as my mum took it and used it on my nephews bum :/

Lastly, I got some sun cream from wilkos aswell, a 400ml sun cream in spf 30 which was £4.99, I got 2 of these ready for my holidays and got 2 free 200ml bottles of aftersun, I used these sun creams last year and they work just as well as the more expensive makes and I would really recommend you check them out, theres all spfs and you can get spray bottles too.