Thursday, 25 June 2009

barry m free gift with more

I buy more every week on a tuesday and have been considering getting a subscription for a while but then this week they were offering £42 worth of barry m make up as a free gift, it is £14.50 every 3 months but I would pay more than that anyway, Im really excited cos the stuff all looks good and I had been planning on buying a few of the bits like the bronzer and the mascara anyway. Just letting anyone who reads more alot know about the offer !!


Victoria said...

cool! thanks for the post.xx

Lucy said...

how much of a bargin is it!!
i was reading it yesterday and thought exactly the same thing! normally the goodies you get for subscribing are a bit rubbish but these are actually good stuff!! im definately gonna be looking into subing i think!

make_up_me said...

I know! I rang up and subscribed litrally straight away lol, hope it doesnt take too long to come as I want the stuff before I go away in 2 weeks but it says it could take upto 28 days :(