Thursday, 25 June 2009


This gorgeous colour is from 17 at boots, it is a lasting fix nail polish in a limited edition coulour called Tropical island. I love it, its a corally orange colour and it went on really well and has lasted really well too, This came in a free gift bag avaliable when you buy 2 17 products, I got another vail polish in the shade pink lemonade, I havent used this yet but its a lovely colour, and I got the instant glow bronzing powder in light as all my bronzers seem too dark for my face at the moment so I felt I needed something lighter. Its a matte shade and so far so good. This was about £3 and the nail polish was also about £2.80.

This is the free gift, a small pink bag, a small 17 mirror and nail file, the tropical island nail polish and a metallic eye pencil, the colour says green but its blue so I dont know why it says that, its gorgeous and metallic, I used it yesterday just as a pop of colour and I really like it.

Sorry the photos crap, still havent got round to getting a memory card for my camera.


Victoria said...

I <3 17! Especially when they do free gifts. The prices are so cheap and I think the nail polishes are brilliant. xx