Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Mini haul for exam passes!

Today was the results day at my uni, so had to be in Huddersfield at12pm to get them and I passed them all,so thats my 2nd year out of the way! just 1 to go!!

To say well done my mum bought me these 2 things from Lancome in the House of Fraser as they had a sale section,

The first being this bronzing brush which was reduced from £21.50 to £10.75, it has a really big handle but the bristles are really soft and good quality so I like it :)

And then a tinted moisturisor, it is called Aqua fusion teinte, continuously infusing tinted moisture spf 15, in the shade 1 - Naturel. Its the perfect shade for me as its quite light and works with my pale skin, looking forward to using this tomorrow. This was £23.50 down to £11.75 so a big drop in price! there was alot more stuff such as lipglosses and a few bronzers and eye shadow pallettes too so worth a look if you pass the house of fraser, too faced and a guerlain had alot of sale items too.

This is a bit of the tinted moisturisor on ym hand, not sure you can see it properly though cos of the flash.

I also popped into primark and they had a stand of the old make up all reduced to 50p so I got this duo eye shadow, the top is a gorgeous light goldy shimmery brown and the bottom is a lovely shimmery pale pink,

This is the brown (left) and pink (right) on my hand, definatly worth parting with 50p as the colours are soo nice.


Victoria said...

50p! What a bargain!xx


Liparazzi said...

the look of those goodies!love the blog, come check out mine sometime x