Saturday, 13 June 2009

A few freebies and skin care products.

I read a blog a while back about a website offering freebies called, so I checked it out and signed up, I had to pay £1 over a txt message to register my order and it says you recieve a goodie box with your choice of 3 trial products a month, my box arrived yesterday and I was expecting bigger products as on the website it shows them bigger but what I recieved are more like the testers you find stuck in magazines. Anyway, they came in this pink box below:

I recieved, 1) The Mary Kay timewise microdermabration set, which says it will fight fine lines, refine pores and smooth skin, there are 3 sachets of step 1 which is to refine and 3 ofstep 2 which is to replenish so Im going to give that a try tonight.

2) Mary Kay Creme lipstick in Apricot glaze, this is the little black packet, there are 2 tiny samples of it, I havent opened them yet as I dont want to waste it as there really not much but the colour on the front looks nice. The letter I got with the package described this as ripe apricot glides on with a kiss of soft shimmer!

3) finally there is a sachet of John Frieda weather works style sealant creme, to defy weather 365 days a year. Will have to take this on holiday with me incase my hair goes frizzy in the sun.

For £1 I think this could be fun, you can get different prodcts every month and you recieve a notification when you can replace your order, so check it out if you want some trials.

Below is some new skin care products I have picked up recently, on the left is the boots botanicals eye make up removal, this is sooo good, take my eye makeup off so easily, before I was using the simple make up remover and that took a lot longer with cottom pads, now I only have to use 1 per eye, This was only about £3 so Im going to stock up and take some away to remove waterproof mascara easily.

In the middle is the Clean & Clear deep action cream wash, this was also around £3 from Wilkinsons, I got this as in the last few weeks my nose broke out in spots, my own fault for eating alot of chocolate and sweets over a few days but this really helped clear them up within a few days so Im using it daily at the moment, It has a tingly sensation when you wash it off which I like, makes it feel like its working :)

On the right is the Garnier clean and fresh cleansing wash, again about £3 from wilkinsons, this is lovely, been using it in the mornings recently and it feels really refreshing and nice, and smells lovely and fruity.

I really like all these products and would recommend them all!

Lastly, I saw this Malibu moonlight shimmer wash off bronzer ina magazine and was wondering if anyone else had used it? I want a wash off bronzer to take away with me as I dont tan well and want something I can put on in the evenings, I have tried others such as the Loreal one and found the colour too dark for me and very messy. The best I have found before is the FCUK Tan your hide one but I am nearly out of that and havent seen it in Boots recently. Leave me a comment if you have any idea what the malibu ones like :)