Sunday, 28 June 2009

make up and shoes !

Just a quick one to let you know about some things I bought yesterday, firstly I got these 2 natural collection lipsticks from boots, they are both the moisture shine ones, on the left is coral shimmer and the right is rose petal.
The first is a gorgeous mid dark pink with a shimmer but I love it and its totally wearable, I wanted one that would give me some colout without being too obvious and this is perfect and was under £2. The rose petal is a really pretty pink, when I first tried it though it broke apart, I think it had got too hot in my shopping bag so now its a bit bent :/

The top photo is with the flash and below is without.

I also got another 17 nail polish, I am in love with the tropical island one I did a post about as a nail of the day, I am still wearing it now and everyone says they love it, this is a limited edition one from the new summer collection and its called coral reef, I havent used it yet but its abit more pink and darker than the other, looking forward to using it though and will post a photo in the next few days when I have.

Lastly, some shoes, these were half price down from £18 to £9 at peacocks, I think they are so nice! they are like a snake sin effect and a bluey purple colour, they also had them in tan and pink too!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I like those shoes :)

Luc said...

they are soo nice. I would probably have prefered the tan colour though if it was me wearing