Monday, 22 June 2009

Sally Hansen maximum growth

About a week ago I bought this Sally Hansen maximum growth daily nail growth programme from Wilkinsons as it was half price, down to around £1.99, this is just a clear polish and I got this as my nails keep breaking after being ruined by the acrylics I had on.
The box states that this is powerful protection for short, problem nails to strengthen and make them grow. I have been using this since and my nails havent realy been breaking at all since so it must be having some effect, Im going to carry on using it for a while longer and I will do a post on the outcome soon.


Luc said...

I have got the wilkinson brand of blusher - but it was more beige colour so I used as a pressed powder - although I don't know why I use it i don't see to much of a difference lol I like natural collection lose powder and it's prety cheap too!

make_up_me said...

i saw that today, but the one they had was all broken up in the packet so I didnt bother x

Luc said...

Sorry I think I posted the other comment in the wrong post. lol Anyway, I have a wilkinsons local near me and I got the clear nail polish, blusher and foundation. Never get the foundation it's awful it's patchy and doesn't blend properly. I may go back and look at the blushers cause I rally need to a new one though. And I need something for my nails too. I'll look forward to your post on the outcome of the polish soon I am deciding whether to buy this, cause my nails are thin and brittle