Tuesday, 16 June 2009

In and Out 3

Here is my latest in and outs:


  • Passing all my exams for year 2 of my law course :)
  • Nicer weather at the moment and having 3 days off work to be in it.
  • Lacoste Touch of sun perfume - I Love this, cant find it in the shops anymore but they had it on the littlewoods website, need to check if they still have it as Im nearly out, its so summery and everyone always says I smell nice when I wear it.
  • 3 weeks untill I go to Greece!
  • Nail varnishes! since I took the acrylics off I have a new found love of painting my nails, have always been too lazy to do this regularly before.
  • Simple derma moisturisor - is keeping my eczema away!!!!
  • Mcdonalds crunchie mcflurry - delicious!


  • Funeral of my boyfriends grandma on thursday :(
  • Alot of work over the next few weeks to get money for my holiday.
  • Being skint!!
  • My hair is really bugging me at the moment, I had my fringe cut at John Peers hair dressers a while ago and the lady cut it way 2 short so I had to pin it back everyday and now even though its grown now I have been put off and have gone back to preferring not having a fringe, so im considering just leaving it to grow out now.



Victoria said...

I bet you could find the perfume on Ebay. If in doubt I always check there!

I had a hair disaster in January. I got layers when I asked for a trim off the ends. Not had my hair cut since! Too scared :(



make_up_me said...

i know what u mean, I dont wanna risk gettin it cut badly again so I dont know what to do yet :(