Thursday, 25 June 2009

Shoes and a bit of shopping!

Hey everyone, so a few days ago I went into Manchester to do some shopping ready for my hols as Im working pretty much every day now untill I go away on the 8th. Firstly I want to show you the shoes I got as I love them both, These first ones are from Primark and were £9, they are the most gorgeous colour, the photo doesnt really show it 2 well but its a corally orange, I love this colour at the moment! the heels not too big and they feel comfy so Im pleased I got these as I had seen them on a blog before and thought they looked nice.

Second pair are these brown wedges from Faith, these were £35 down from about £65, I love them!

Also in primark, I got this black heart shaped bag for £4 to take away as its not too big to carry around, a tiny purse just to keep some money in for about £1.50 i think, again in a corally colour, and a smaller make up bag as mine is huge and would take up half my suitcase, I am going to go through it all and pick out the most important stuff and take it all in this smaller bag, this was about £3.

I got this peachy blush from Primark for £1, I wore this the last few days and its a really nice colour and good quality for primark too, there was a few different shades so Im going to get the others next time I go too! The eye shadows were about £2.50 from H & M, they are really shimmery and pigminted so looking forward to playing around with these!

I also got this little bow necklace from H & M, it was cheap about £1.99, and the clasp at the back has another small gold bow coming off it, I love it, wore it the other day and got loads of compliments about it!

Next up is the garnier body tonic firming lotion, I have been using the boots expert cellulite cream but after going through 2 lots I decided to use up all the other stuff I had such as the nivea goodbye cellulite before I spent any more money. that ran out last night and then I saw this in morrisons for just over £2.50 and remembered I had read about it being really good in a magazine the other day so I got this, Im not too keen on the smell but hopefully it will do the job.

Finally back to Primark, I got these little bottles and pots for 99p! Im going to put my cleanser and stuff in them to save space as I already cant shut my suitcase and Its not even packed fully! cant believe how cheap they were as later in boots I saw them selling one of the bottles for £1.49 on its own! It also comes with stickers to label your stuff which I thinks a good idea!

Lastly I got another wash off tan from Primark, £1.50 from what I can remember, they had a matte one and a shimmer one, I got the matt one and this is it below on my hand, It rubs in well and does leave a nice bronzed colour, but I dont think the tube would go far if using it on the whole body so I might go back and get some more before I go.

So primarks got loads of nice stuff in, also got some lovely summer dresses and a few other bits, let me know if you would like to see a post with a few photos of them!
Thanks for reading x


Victoria said...

Great shopping spree! Those shoes in the 1st pic are lovely. xx

make_up_me said...

i know :) I just love the colour! soo good for summer! xx

Luc said...

omigod! I love both those shoes and the necklace is gorgeous! you know how to find a bargain lol