Thursday, 25 June 2009

20 questions tag

I saw this open tag on all things girly so here goes:

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without
My phone, my purse and some chewing gum, I feel lost if I forget my phone!

2.Favourite brand of makeup
Erm I like Elizabeth arden as the stuff generally works on my skin, but also cheaper makes like 17 and barry m are great too!

3.Favourite flower

4. Favourite clothing store
I dont want to sound cheap but I love Primark, I go there all the time, i always find what I want there so I dont feel the need to spend loads somewhere else, I also like dorothy perkins, new look and places like that.

5. Favourite Purfume
Lacoste - Touch of sun

6.Heels or Flats
Id have to say flats as I wear them most, I do like wearing heels but I dont tend to go out much so its not very often I wear them, although I still buy them all the time as I cant resist, need to get wearing them!

7. Do you make good grades
Erm yeah, but I know I could do better but Im lazy :( I lose interest quickly, but I will be so pleased when I graduate next year, I hate exams they make me feel ill!

8. Favourite colours
Pink usually but I love coral at the moment!

9.Do you drink energy drinks
nope, sometimes when Im knackered at work a can of red bull seems a good idea but then when iv drank it I just feel sick and its never worth it lol.

10.Do you drink juice
sometimes, I have a bit of obsession with robinsons blackcurrent at the moment, Im always drinking it at home.

11. Do you like swimming
Yes but Im pretty rubbish, last year in Greece I was flailing around thinking I was going to drown while my bf laughed at me, I dont know what happened cos as a kid I did lessons and got all my certificates and stuff so I dont get why I cant swim now as I always went reguallrly till i was a teenager.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork
Nope, use my fingers usually

13. Favourite moisturiser
Im using the clinique dramatically different lotion right now and I love it, really moisturises my face and I never have a reaction to it, Its expensive but totally worth it cos the bottles a big one too.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
Yep. my sisters busy planning to get married at the end of august and its really making me want a wedding!

15. Do you get mad easily
Depends on the situation, I tend to get annoyed easily at my bf but he usually deserves it!

16. Are you into ghost hunting
Ive never done it but Iv always been interested and Id love to do it if I got the chance although I scare reallly esaily and would be terrified if I saw something!

17. Any phobias
Spiders scare me to death! I also dont really like dogs, I think I could manage a small one but my gran has a huge labrador and I hate it even coming near me! Its a soft stupid thing but its always jumping up :/

18.Do you bite your nails
Not really, I used to really badly but then I stopped a few years back, now I only tend to do it when im nervous or stressed.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience

20. Do you drink coffee
Not really, if Im on an early shift at work sometimes if im really tired I will make a coffee before I go but I never really enjoy it.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

sorry for the big amount of posts today! my laptops completely broke so have been waiting to get the use of a computer for the last few days to do them so theyv all come at once!


Victoria said...

Good answers!

Luc said...

Hey I tagged you in the music post on my blog.

lipstickrules123 said...

Hey there! You've won my contest! Come see my blog for details. Congrats!!