Monday, 22 June 2009

Mini Haul

I did abit of shopping yesterday and firstly was this blush from Wilkinsons own range Image, it was £1.00, and I dont think the photo does it justice, it is the prettyist pale pink ever, I think it may even be better as a highlighter than a blush as on the skin it really is very pale but I just think its gorgeous. The wilkos range is actually quite good for the price, Ive had a few lipglosses before which were good and the mascara smells really nice, I didnt know mascara could smell nice but apparently so at wilkinsons..

This photo is it close up but the flash pretty much covers it :/
Next I was back in T J Hughes yet again and they had a lot of new stuff in from N.Y.C (New york colour), I picked up this mineral foundation powder for £2.00 which came with a tiny little kabuki brush which isnt much use but its cute :). I got this is the shade natural light and its actually really good, I used it today instead of my Elizabeth Arden powder foundation and I couldnt tell much difference. It also has spf12 in it aswell!
The T J Hughes I went to only had this shade and a paler one which was a finishing powder, I plan to get this next time I go as that was also only £2 so worth a try.

There was also a few N.Y.C nail glosses for £1 each, I got 2, This is 241, and its a gorgeous metallic blue which is proper shimmery in the light, making it change colour, It also has vinyl shine and pro vitamin B5.

This 2nd one is 207, which is a nude pink shade which is lovely, have worn this today and I really like it. They are quite big bottles with a square block lid, and to make it easier to put the gloss on the square lid comes off to reveal a smaller more easy to use lid.

This is 207 on, Im not sure the photo shows it very well, really need to get a memory card for my camera so I can stop using the crappy one on my phone :(