Thursday, 11 June 2009

T J Hughes buys

Just a quick post about yet another few things Ive bought from T J Hughes this week, they have some Elizabeth Arden products in at the moment, theres a really nice little foldable pallete with a blusher and a few eye shadows, a lipgloss and a airbrush bronzer, all around £6 from what I can remember. Anyway, I picked up this Shimmer powder called everything glows which was also £6, its in a really nice little compact with a mirror and a fancy top as in the photo below:

This is a photo of the powder with the flash, not a very good one but you get the idea, its very shimmery but makes a great highlighter. It also came with a little kabuki style brush which I also love, although I have a few elizabeth arden ones already from buying bronzers and they all tend to shred quickly which I am disappointed about when the products are expensive.

This is it on the right without the flash, looks a lot darker than it is, and the brush.
On the left is a lovely blusher I also got from there which is w7, it was £1.50 and comes with a little flat brush which I havent really been bothering with. It looks very dark on the photo but its a really flattering shade for me as its a nice rosey pink colour.


Doma-Nikki said...

Gotta love TJ Hughes for its random beauty bargains!!

My local one sells a brand (forgotten the name) where most of the products cost between 99p to £2!!!! I also love when they have Dior, St Tropez and Elizabeth Arden products because they make great bday presents at cheaper prices :o)

little miss said...

I'm soo jealous I don't live near a TJ Hughes, there seems to be loads of bargains to be had there x